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Singapore Work Permit (WP) Guide

Overview: What Is a Singapore Work Permit?

The Work Permit is a work pass that allows foreign unskilled labor force from approved Asian countries to pursue employment in Singapore’s booming and promising niches such as services, construction, manufacturing, marine, process and so on. Due to the much lower entry crtieria as compared to the other work pass, , it implies higher demands and certain restrictions for hiring firms such as levies, quotas, a bond, and appropriate health coverage for every WP holder. This is to protect the local labour market for low level skilled worker in Singapore. Read further to learn more about Singapore Work Permit.

Eligibility Requirement of Singapore Work Permit (WP)

  • Employing company must have the eligible quota to hire the work permit holder;
  • Foreigners must come from certain approved traditional source countries such as Malaysia, China, India, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Macau and South Korea. Only certain industry sectors are allowed to hire work permit hold from non-traditional source like the construction and Marin sector;
  • Minimum age: 18 and the Maximum age of the foreign work is 50 year-old. Only Malaysians are allowed to work on a work permit visa until 58 year-old;
  • Monthly foreign worker’s levy applies to this work pass;
  • Security bond is required for non-malaysian work permit holder;
  • Medical insurance of a minimum coverage is required;
  • Pre-employment medical check – foreign worker must pass the medical check to ensure the fitness of the employee;
  • Certain safety courses are required to be taken by certain industry sector.

Documents Required for Work Permit

  • Passport bio-data scanned copy
  • Education qualification (if any)
  • A written consent from the applicant for the application

How to apply for Singapore Work Permit?

For submission of the application, you can either engaging a third-party agency or request your employer to submit the application. You need to have access to the WPOL account for the submission of the Work Permit.

Submit an Application:

Step 1: Get a Written consent from the applicant to apply for the work permit and then log in to WPOL account to fill out application form and upload required documents;
Step 2: Pay the required application fee via Giro, Visa or Master card;
Step 3: Check the status of application only after 1 weeks
Step 4: Once your application is approved, you may log into WPOL to download the IPA letter;
Step 5: Login to WPOL to issue the pass and pay the necessary fees and go to MOM card collection centre to attend the face to face appointment. However, you need to have all your insurance, medical check-up report and bond ready for the issuance of work permit.

Appeal for Work Permit Rejection

Typically, your work permit can be rejected when the company does not have the quota or the applicant is not eligible for work permit. You must also note that your basic-skilled worker from in the construction sector can only work for a maximum period of 14 years under the work permit scheme. Therefore, you are required to upgrade the worker to a higher skilled worker.

To submit an appeal for work permit, you must login to WP online to upload all the required documents to support your case. The appeal process can take up to 3 weeks from the date of submission. If you are not sure how to proceed with an appeal, it is best to seek professional advice on the appeal.

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Renewal for Singapore Work Permit

You are allowed to renew your Work Permit 6 – 8 weeks prior to the existing wp expiry. However, before you renew your WP, you need to ensure that the following:

  • Your company has the existing quota for the work permit renewal. You may use this work permit calculator tools.
  • You have extended the security bond and medical insurance;
  • The applicant’s medical test is still current or the applicant must go to do a new medical check-up at any local clinics in Singapore.

Documents Required for WP Renewal

  • Scanned copy of applicant’s latest passport bio-data with a least 2 year validity;
  • Security bond required for non-Malaysian workers;
  • Extension for the existing Medical insurance for the applicant;
  • Work permit renewal notice which can be downloaded from the WP online;
  • Details for the delivery of the work permit card: An address where the card can be delivered and name, NRIC, Fin or passport numbers and contact details of authorised recipients to receive the card

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The employment pass processing time is 1 week upon submission. In certain cases like MOM additional document request or appeal submission, you need additional 3 – 5 weeks upon submission of the additional documents or appeal.
No, unless if you upgrade your work permit to an S-Pass or EP
It depends on which sector you are from and which tier is your foreign worker categorise under. Typically, the levy rate is between 450 – 750 per month per foreign worker.

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