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Singapore Permanent Residence

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Singapore is known as a global business hub, celebrated for its high standard of living, stable political climate, and robust economy. Securing Permanent Residency (PR) in this dynamic city-state offers an array of benefits, from superior healthcare and education to vast career opportunities and a globalised lifestyle. Becoming a Singapore Permanent Resident not only elevates your living experience but also opens doors to new possibilities in personal and professional growth.

Key Features of Singapore PR

  1. Career Advantages: As a Singapore PR, you are given greater job security and broader career opportunities as compared to work pass holders. Most employers prefers to hire PRs and Singapore Citizens.
  2. Property Ownership: Holding a PR status means you are eligible to purchase the HDB (Government Subsidised Apartment) which is at a much lower price as compared to a condominium.
  3. Education Benefit: Children of Singapore PR have advantage over foreigners in school enrolment as they are given higher priority. Additionally, the school fees are at a much lower rate.
  4. Healthcare Privileges: PR holders enjoy subsidised rate for medical services in public Hospitals and poly clinics
  5. Duration: Valid for 5  years, you are required to secure Re-entry Permit for PR renewal

Why Singapore PR?

  1. Career Growth: Advance your professional journey with broader job prospects and enhanced security.

  2. Property Advantages: Access to subsidized housing options, making homeownership more attainable.

  3. Educational Opportunities: Priority and reduced fees in school enrollments for your children.
  4. Healthcare Benefits: Enjoy affordable and quality healthcare services at subsidized rates.

  5. Extended Visa Validity: Benefit from the 5-year validity, with straightforward renewal processes.

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Why One Visa?

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Unrivaled Expertise

Tailored solutions and 10,000 success stories showcase our commitment and expertise.​

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frequently asked questions

Permanent Residence in Singapore allows foreign individuals to live, work, and reside in Singapore indefinitely, with access to various benefits similar to Singapore citizens, except for some restrictions.

Employment Pass holders, S Pass holders, Entrepass, ONE Pass, PEP, and spouses and unmarried children of a Singapore citizen or PR are among those eligible to apply for PR.

Various schemes like the Professionals/Technical Personnel & Skilled Workers Scheme (PTS), Global Investor Program (GIP), and others are available for different applicants.

  • Our services include eligibility assessment, document preparation, application submission, and continuous application status monitoring.

Necessary documents include valid travel documents, educational certificates, employment letters, and income tax assessments, among others.

An SPR application usually takes from 9 to 18 months to process.

The success rate depends on various factors such as applicant’s profile, professional background, and contributions to Singapore. Contact One Visa for a Free Eligibility Assessment today!

We offer professional guidance and meticulous document preparation to enhance the overall strength of your application, increasing chances of approval. Contact us for more information on how we can increase your chances of success.

If rejected, applicants can appeal or improve their profile and re-apply after a stipulated time.

Yes. In Singapore, more than 50% of the SPR applications are rejected. We have assisted clients with more than 3 SPR rejections and on the 4th application, the application is approved. Contact us on how we can assist on your SPR rejection appeal application.

Yes. In Singapore, more than 50% of the SPR applications are rejected. We have assisted clients with more than 3 SPR rejections and on the 4th application, the application is approved. Contact us on how we can assist on your SPR rejection appeal application.

Yes, PRs can apply for Dependant’s Passes for certain family members, allowing them to stay in Singapore.

Choosing our service ensures a well-guided, systematic, and professional approach, maximising your chances of a successful PR application.

You can begin by contacting us for a complimentary  consultation to understand and initiate the PR application process effectively.

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