About Us

Our mission is to achieve the Highest Visa Approval Rate for you!

“As a leading Singapore immigration specialist for over 10 years, we have successfully achieved over 10,000 Visa Approvals and counting. “

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What sets us apart?

We are the only few companies in Singapore that specialised in immigration service. We focus on helping overseas businesses,  entrepreneurs,  professionals, and companies to relocate to Singapore and Australia.

What sets us apart is that our aim is to provide you with the greatest value with our dedicated efforts focusing on achieving the highest success rate for your visa.

By engaging One Visa’s service, you can be assured that you are served by an experienced consultant whose sole purpose is to help you to achieve your migration goals. This is the core reason why you engage an agency to help in handling your visa in the first place.

Remember. Immigration is a life-changing decision and the path to success is certainly not a walk in the park. With One Visa, that process does not have to be stressful. Contact us today for a Free Assessment Today!

How can One Visa Help You Achieve your visa Success?

Experience and expertise

We have been in the business for almost a decade, and we’ve helped over 1,000 investors, business owners and corporate executives successfully settle in Singapore.

Tailor-fit solutions
We prepare bespoke applications best suited to your unique needs. We offer a free visa eligibility test to help you make an informed decision about your application, including visa options you may not have considered.
Unparalleled efficiency
We provide end-to-end and reliable support—from initial assessment until successful move. Aside from our thorough understanding of how the immigration system works, you will also benefit from our corporate services and local living guide.
Up-to-date immigration
policy expertise
Migration policies are always in flux. And even with available information online, the actual application process is a lot more complex, especially without expert help. With One Visa, you can be assured that your case will always be in accordance with the latest immigration laws in Singapore.
Extensive tax knowledge

Tax is one of the key factors in migration. We can keep you updated and provide sound advice on your tax status and liabilities as you make this big move.

Access to global visa solutions

Our migration services extend beyond the borders of Singapore. One Visa has the global expertise to strategically move investors and entrepreneurs to highly developed countries for residency and citizenship that it beneficial to their businesses, investments and of course, their families.

What is our standard procedure?

Comprehensive analysis

Based on client’s background information, we carefully derive the perfect elements to use as leverage to meet, and if applicable exceed, the approval benchmark.

Specialised expertise

We offer expert advice on best ways to proceed and compile value-adding documents to strengthen the case.


We ensure 100% accuracy when it comes to form filling and vetting of all provided information. Our goal is to support your case the best way possible through our counter checking system.


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