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Types of Visa Schemes in Australia

Australia is one of the top 3 destinations for migration due to its strong economy, quality of life, quality education system and affordable cost of living. If you are looking at moving to Australia, there are various Australian visa schemes available if you are looking to move to Australia. Typically, there are be categorized into 3 different types:  Skilled Migration; Family Migration or Business migration. 

You can see below for a list of visa schemes available.

This visa is target at skilled foreigners who is able to compensate for the shortage of certain skilled local employees in Australia. Typically, the applicant’s occupation must be from the list of skilled occupations (in-demand) provided by the immigration and he/she should pass the skill assessment and all other required test. In certain cases, you will also need a state sponsor or company sponsor.

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This visa allows the spouse and partner of an Australia Citizen, Permanent Resident or certain eligible New Zealand citizen to live in Australia. The applicant must be in a genuine relationship with an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or certain eligible NZ citizen.
The Australia Investor visa is developed to target the high-net worth individuals, business owners, investors or entrepreneurs who are willing to invest a substantial amount of capital in a new or existing business in Australia. The investment amount range from a minimum of 800,000 AUD to 5 million depending on the type of investor visa sub-class you are applying for. For those without any business or investment track-records or over the age requirements, there are other options available.
The Australia Permanent Residency is a Permanent Visa that allows you to stay in definitely in Australia but conditions apply. This PR is issued for 5 years and you are required to renew it by applying for a resident return visa (RRV) before the expiry date. Find out more on the renewal of RRV.
The Resident Return Visa (RRV) is required for those Australian Permanent Resident visa holders who are staying abroad. This is a travel facility for existing or previous PR holders to travel in and out of Australia as frequently as possible until it expires. You PR will not be valid if you are abroad and your RRV expires so it is important for all PRs to renew their RRV on time.
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