Australia Investor Visas Guide

Investor Visa for Australia

Overview: What is an Australia business / Investor visa?

The Investor Visa schemes in Australia is a citizenship by investment scheme is developed to target accomplished business owners or investors to migrate and contribute to the Australian economy actively. However, you have to go through several visa stages (must meet stay requirements of 4 years and pass the test to be eligible) before you can acquire Australian Citizenship as there is no direct Australian Citizenship option. If you are looking for fast and direct citizenship option, you can explore citizenship by investment in Cyprus which only take 6 – 12 months to process.

Let’s look into the various investment vis options available to suit individuals with different business or investment background. Read further to learn more.

General Requirements of Investor Visa Australia

  • Below 55 year-old (exempted if you are investing much higher amount)
  • Willing to invest at least 800,000 AUD or more into complying investment(s)
  • May need to pass the points test
  • Show proof of business or investment track records (exempted if you are investing much higher amount)
  • Require to have state-sponsorship and there are limited quota in every state

Investment Visa Options

Business Innovation and Investment (provisional) Visa:

Mainly established business owners or investors who would like to invest a minimum of 800,000 AUD in Australia. For those without any business or investor track records, you can invest a much higher amount to secure the 188 visa. 

Business Talent Visa (132) - CLOSED:

Suitable for more accomplished business owners or entrepreneurs willing to invest at least 1.5 million AUD. There is also the venture capital stream when you have to secure at least 1 million VC funding from the AVCAL. 

Business Innovation and Investment (permanent) visa - Subclass 888

The subclass 888 investment visa is the transition of 188 visa. This is a permanent visa for those who are currently holding subclass 188 visa and meet certain stay requirements and business milestone. Learn more about the 888 visa.

Overview Business Innovation Visa (Sub-class 188)

The Australia investor visa scheme is developed for established business owners or investors to bring their funds and expertise to the country by being engaged in a new or already established Australia business. The visa is grant for 4 years and if you meet the Permanent Residency requirement, you can apply for permanent visa after 4 year. This is the first step towards business immigration to Australia.

There are several different sub-categories available under the subclass 188. See below for details:

1. Business Innovation Stream:
  • willing to invest 500,000 – 800,000 AUD and operate a business a new or existing business in Australia
  • must have 3 years of business experience and operate a business with 500,000 AUD turnover;
  • must pass points test

2. Investor Stream:
  • willing to invest 1.5 million AUD into complying investments
  • must have proof of investment track records
  • must pass points test
3. Significant Investor Visa (SIV) Stream:
  • willing to invest at least 5 million AUD in a balance portfolio of investment that comply with the state requirement
  • Must also meet certain milestones and maintain your investment activity in Australia
4.Entrepreneur Stream:
  •  to carry out business or entrepreneurial activities in Australia
  • Must secure funding of at least 200,000 AUD from an approved funding body

Overview Business Talent Visa (Sub-class 132)

The Business Talent Visa is suitable is a permanent residence visa suitable for more established business owners or entrepreneurs that own and operate businesses with much higher sales turnover. Additionally, they must be willing to invest at least 1.5 million AUD in a new or existing business. You are required to meet certain business milestones within 2 years of obtain the 132 visa.

There are several different sub-categories available under the subclass 132. See below for details:

1. Significant Business History Stream:
  • for experience business owners or entrepreneurs who would like to operate a new and existing business in Australia
  • must have at least 3 million business turnover for at least 2 years out of the last 4 years
  • willing to invest a minimum of 1.5 million AUD (higher investment amount required for popular states like NSW and VIC)
2. Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream:

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You need invest at least 800,000 AUD in Australia and show that you meet certain business, investor or entrepreneurial track records.
Australia Business Investor visa take between 12 to 18 months upon in usual case if you subject all the additional documents on time. If you are looking for Australia Business Visitor visa, it is 2 – 4 weeks.
No. Unlike other Citizenship by investment programme, Australia is very strict in issuing Citizenship. You need to hold a permanent visa and stay in Australia for at least 4 years before you can apply for citizenship.
It depends on the type of investment PR. Usually, 1.5 million but if you are willing to wait, you can invest 800,000 AUD to obtain a temporary residence visa and then transition to PR between 2 – 4 years
Provisional visa is only temporary and you need to extend the visa every 2 – 4years depending on the type of visa you are holding on to.