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Eligibility Assurance

In-depth evaluation of your qualifications and experience, ensuring your profile meets EntrePass requirements.

Preparation of Customized Business Plan

Collaborative development of a custom business plan, tailored to meet the EntrePass approval standards.

Document Support

Efficient organization and preparation of necessary documents, streamlining your application process.

Strategic Submission

Expert alignment of your business strengths with EntrePass criteria, enhancing your application's success potential.

Why Choose One Visa?

Stellar Success Rate

Our expert immigration insights drive over a 90% success rate. Boost your visa approval chances with us!

Unrivaled Expertise

Tailored solutions and 10,000 success stories showcase our commitment and expertise.​

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We handle all the complexities of immigration on your behalf. Seamlessly navigate your immigration journey with us!

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frequently asked questions

An EntrePass is a type of work pass in Singapore that is specifically designed for foreign entrepreneurs and business owners who wish to start and operate a new business in the country.

Entrepreneurs who plan to start a business that are venture backed or meets the innovative criteria are eligible to apply.

Our services include eligibility assessment, business plan preparation, document assistance, application submission, and liaising with authorities for updates and appeals.

Initially, the EntrePass is valid for one year, and subsequent renewals are valid for two years.

Documents such as a passport, business plan, and academic certificates are typically required, among others.

The process usually takes about 8 weeks upon the submission of a complete application. At times due to complication, it may take additional 4-5 weeks.

Yes, subject to certain criteria, EntrePass holders can apply for Dependant’s Passes for their families.

We will assess the reasons for rejection, advise on necessary improvements, and assist in the appeal process.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience in the Singapore immigration system enable us to curate strong applications, increasing the likelihood of approval.

Choosing our services ensures a thorough and tailored approach, maximising the success chances of your EntrePass application.

Contact us for a Free Consultation to assess eligibility and guide you through the application process effectively.

There are other visa options available other than entrepass. Speak to our immigration consultants to understand more. 

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