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Australian Skilled Visa Service

Overview of Australia General Skilled Migration

What is skilled migration in Australia

This visa is target at skilled foreigners who is able to compensate for the shortage of certain skilled local employees in Australia. Typically, the applicant’s occupation must be from the list of skilled occupations (in-demand) provided by the immigration and he/she should pass the skill assessment and all other required test. In certain cases, you will also need a state sponsor or company sponsor.

Key Criteria of Australia Skilled Migration Visa

What’s the Basic Visa requirement?

Basically, the skilled visas are divided in short-term or long-term work visa. Different type of skilled visas needs to meet different set of requirements.
The above are basic requirements and there are also other additional requirements to consider before applying for the skilled visa. As there are more than 10 types of skilled visa available in Australia, it is very important to select the Right skilled visa suitable for you. If you are unsure, contact our consultants to discuss on your requirements today!

Qualified immigration advice based on updated immigration policies

How can we help you achieve your Visa Success?

Comprehensive analysis & Competent Advice

We will do all the necessary reviews of your application to ensure it meets the approval benchmark. In addition, we provide adequate advice to help counter any weakness in your case.

Accuracy in form filling and submission of required documents

All information provided to the immigration is crucial to the success of your application, our team is going to meticulously vet through all your documentation prior to submission to ensure a reasonable chance of success.

Compile and Prepare Value-add documents

Every application is unique and different, in certain cases, we are required to advise and assist in the preparation of value-add documents which substantially increase your chances of success.

Proven track - Record - Thousands of clients has secured their visas through us

Why choose One Visa?

No more stress on your visa application(s) as our team will assist you in handling the entire visa application process from start till the end efficiently. When necessary, we help you liaise with the local authority.
We advise and assist you in preparing value-add documents (e.g. justification, appeal letters, etc.) based on the latest immigration policies that can increase your chances of success substantially.
Incomplete forms or improper documentation provided to MOM can lead to complications or delays. Our knowledge of immigration policies can help you saves time in having to deal with immigration at a later stage.

Our Process

Process for Australia Skilled Visa

Preliminary Assessment
Approval Check
Monitoring & Collection


What People Say


On normal circumstances, 1 – 18 months upon submission dep.
Assessing for skilled visa is time consuming and tedious, a professional migration agent is able to review your case carefully and advice the best visa option for you.
Yes. But some categories of skilled visa do not transition to permanent visa. So it is important to seek professional advice.
Yes, only your direct family members.
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