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The Employment Pass (EP) is a coveted work pass in Singapore, tailored for foreign professionals, managers, and executives looking to contribute their expertise to the dynamic landscape of the city-state. This pass offers a versatile pathway for individuals who bring valuable skills and experience to Singapore’s workforce.

Key Features of the EP:

  • Versatility: Whether you’re embarking on short-term projects or settling into long-term roles, the EP accommodates your professional trajectory.

  • Broad Spectrum: The EP is not just limited to corporate roles but extends to artists, sportspeople, and other niche professions, emphasizing Singapore’s diverse professional landscape.

  • Duration: Typically valid for 1-2 years, the EP is renewable, allowing professionals to plan their careers in Singapore with foresight and security.

  • Path to Permanent Residency: Holders of the EP have an advantageous stance if they wish to apply for Permanent Residency in Singapore, further solidifying their commitment to the nation’s growth.


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Tim Knightford
Transpac Asset Management

One Visa expertly assisted me in setting up my company and obtaining all necessary visas for Singapore in a swift, stress-free manner. I highly recommend One Visa to anyone looking to relocate their business and secure visas in Singapore

Federico Giovanna
General Manager,
TAL Singapore

I had an exceptional experience with One Visa. Their expertise made the visa process for Singapore remarkably smooth and hassle-free. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone considering a move to Singapore.

Jeremy Wagstaff

Working with One Visa was such a relief! They took all the headaches out of the visa process for us. It felt like they genuinely understood our situation and showed us the best options. If you're thinking of moving to Singapore, I'd say give them a call. Highly recommended!

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We have over 10 years of experience helping countless foreign individuals like you every day which means that we are well versed in immigration system and we are able to provide you with the immigration strategy needs to get your visa approved. Additionally, our consultant will act on your behalf to deal with the immigration and prepare strong justification letter(s) needed to help you get approvals.

Our success rate is above 90% and we have helped over 10,000 clients in getting their visas approved. So you can trust our service quality and experience. 

Most service providers do not focus on immigration practice as their core and they usually provide less advisory service but more form-filling service. At One Visa, we adopt an immigration advisory approach where we focus on giving us specialised advice to ensure you get your visa approved.

We want to ensure high success for our clients as we believe that by ensuring our clients get the visa approval, we will keep our client happy.


We can assist you by contacting the case officer on your behalf to get the rejection reasons. With the rejection reasons, we will help you prepare and compile all the necessary documentations to justify your case. 

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