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Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass (ONE Pass) Singapore Guide

Overseas Network & Expertise Pass (ONE Pass) Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide to the New Work Visa Scheme for Top Talents

If you are an overseas executive with a high income or an exceptional individual in your field, the newly launched Overseas Networks and expertise pass (also known as the ONE Pass) may be suitable for you. As a business hub, Singapore has always been a draw for top talents from all over the world. The city-state has launched this new visa scheme, especially for highly skilled foreign talent in business, arts and culture, sports, education and research, and other fields. The ONE Pass is a personalized work visa (Administered by the Ministry of Manpower) designed for top-notch overseas professionals looking to work, start or operate multiple companies in Singapore. Unlike the typical Singapore work visa, the ONE Pass offers greater employment flexibility and many other benefits.

How can you Benefit from the ONE Pass?

The ONE Pass offers numerous benefits, surpassing those of other work visa such as the Employment Pass, Personalized Employment Pass, EntrePass, and Tech. Pass. These benefits include:

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Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass Criteria

The One Pass follows much stricter eligibility criteria where applicants need to either meet the high salary or outstanding achievements criteria. You must meet one of the below eligibility criteria to secure this work visa scheme:

What are the Documents Required to Apply for the ONE PASS?

The usual timeline for the application of the ONE Pass is 4 weeks. However, there are situations when the visa can take up to 8 weeks to process depending on the period.

As for the submission process, applicants can appoint an agency like One Visa, to submit the visa on their behalf and the types of documents to submit would depend on the eligibility pathway that you are selecting.

Upon submission, the MOM would take at least 4 weeks to process the application. You may check your application status here.

See below for the list of standard documents needed for the Application:

How is ONE Pass Vs Other Work Visa Schemes in Singapore?

Tech.PassEmployment Pass (EP)EntrepassPersonalised Employment Pass (PEP)Overseas Network & Expertise Pass (ONE Pass)
Applicant's ProfileTech ExpertsCompany owners Working professionals, executive or specialised roles. Directors and Business OwnersEntrepreneurs with track recordsHigh Earning Executives1. High Income earning executives who have work in an established company for over one year.
2. Individual with Outstanding achievements in the arts and culture, sports, science and technology, and academia and research.
Visa Issued ValidityIssued for 2 years
Renewal Allowed Every 2 years.
First time issued for 1 - 2 years.
Renewal: 3 years
First time issued for 1 years.
Renewal: Every year
First time issued for 3 years.
Not possible to renew
Issued for 5 years and can be renewed every 5 years but must meet certain criteria
CriteriaFixed monthly salary of at least S$20,000;
See the full list of Tech Pass Criteria
Minimum Fixed monthly salary of at least S$4,500
See list EP Criteria here.
Applicants Meet the business track records. See the full list of Entrepass CriteriaApplicants meet the Fixed Salary Criteria of 12,000 18,000 SGD per month. See the full list of PEP criteria hereFor Corporate Executives:
1. Earning a monthly salary of 30,000 SGD per years;
2. Worked in an Established company with annual revenue of 200 million or 500 million capitalisation
Individual with Outstanding Achievements in the arts & culture, sports, science and technology, academia and research
FeaturesWork for more than one employers and can start own business.Can only work for one employer or company.Can only operate One Company.Can work for more than one company but need to meet the minimum salary requirements yearlyAllowed to concurrently work for more than one employers or operate a business

Setting Up Your Own Company With the ONE Pass Scheme

Unlike other work visa schemes in Singapore which tie you to One company, this visa offers you greater flexibility by allowing the pass holder to concurrently your own business while working for your existing company.
If you planning to set up a private exempt company in Singapore, unlike other work passes, you can act as the local director and shareholder of the company without any restrictions. Additionally, you can also hold directorship in multiple companies.

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Securing Relevant Visas for Family Members

As for the family members or parents of the ONE Pass holders, they are eligible for either the Dependant's Pass or Long Term Visit Pass. See below for the eligibility criteria:

One unique difference between the spouse of ONE Pass as compared to other work visas is that the spouse can obtain a Letter of Consent (LOC) to Work in Singapore under the Dependant's Pass scheme which makes it much easier for the spouse to secure employment in Singapore.

How to Appeal Against a Rejection for my ONE Pass?

The application for Overseas Networks and Expertise Pass may look straightforward, but there may be other details or documentations that you may have missed during the application process. Especially for those who are applying under the Exceptional Individual Achievements Criteria as the criteria is broader.

Nevertheless, you are still able to appeal against the rejection provided you have reasonable grounds to justify it. Always look at the rejection advisory note provided by the MOM. There may be a situation when you are not provided with a rejection advisory, so it would be best to speak to a qualified agent to assist with your appeal.

With the Appeal advisory note, you can prepare additional documents to justify why you should be granted the visa based on the rejection reason(s). In the situation when you are unclear about the rejection reason or the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) does not provide you with the visa rejection reasons you should always seek professional advice from an immigration consultancy.

To file an appeal, you can go to the appeal form. Your agent can file an appeal on your behalf provided that he/she is granted a signed authorisation letter.

Upon submission, it would take 4 weeks for the appeal assessment by the MOM. Lastly, don't forget that you are only given 3 months from the rejection date to file an appeal.

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Maintaining Your ONE Pass status: Notification Requirements by MOM

Since the Work Visa is issued for 5 years, it is mandatory for you to do an annual notification to MOM on your Work Activities and Salary. Below are the annual reporting that you are required to report to the MOM:


Additionally, you are required to notify MOM within 2 weeks whenever there is a change in your residential address or personal particulars (e.g. name, passport no., passport expiry date, marital status, nationality...).

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One Visa has helped thousands of professional like you to secure their Visa approvals.

How can I convert my ONE Pass to Singapore Permanent Residence

As a ONE Pass holder, you are eligible to apply for the Singapore PR with at least 6 months of stay in Singapore. However, the Singapore Permanent Residency follows a different set of criteria. PR is assessed based on your contribution to Singapore as an individual, your family profile, and your ability to integrate into the Singapore culture. There is no fixed number of years that you have to stay to be eligible for SPR.

If you are interested, you can view our Comprehensive guide on how to apply for Singapore PR.

What should I do if my Personalised Employment Pass is rejected?

It is not common for the PEP to get rejected unless you do not meet the salary criterion or you breach certain work pass conditions. Nevertheless, when the PEP rejected applications are given 3 months to file an appeal for the PEP application. You should only Appeal for your PEP if you have substantial ground to justify your case.


You must first review the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) PEP rejection letter under the reasons for the rejection section. With the PEP rejection, you must first review the rejection reason before preparing a strong justification letter and documentation for the PEP appeal. The PEP appeal will take 8 to 10 weeks to process.

In the situation when you are unclear about the rejection reason or the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) does not provide you with the PEP rejection reasons you should always seek professional advice from an immigration consultancy.

Should I engage an Immigration Consultant for my ONE Pass?

Different investor visa options globally

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Need help in your Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass?

One Visa has helped thousands of professional like you to secure their Visa approvals.

Need further guidance on Singapore Work Visas?

See below for all related topics:


You are allowed to work for more than one employer and start your own business at the same time. Additionally, your spouse can obtain the LOC privilege to work in Singapore. 

No, quota only applies to S-Pass or Work Permit.

Yes. You can even work as a consultant on a part time basis.

Letter of Consent (LOC) is a type of visa privileges given to only spouse of Singapore Citizen or PR to work in Singapore without having to go through the stringent process of applying for a Singapore work pass. This is an added advantage for the spouse of ONE Pass to be grant work privileges.

If you are an individual with outstanding achievements in the area of arts and culture, sports, science and technology, and academia and research, you are exempted from meeting the salary criterion.

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