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Establishing a company in Singapore offers an enticing blend of robust infrastructure, a highly skilled workforce, and one of the most business-friendly environments in the world. Known as a global financial hub, Singapore boasts a strategic geographical location at the heart of Southeast Asia, serving as a gateway to the region's booming markets. The country is renowned for its stable political climate, low corporate tax rates, and transparent regulatory system. Businesses in Singapore benefit from exceptional connectivity to global markets through its world-class ports and airports, as well as access to a diverse pool of talent due to its high-quality education system and attractiveness to international professionals.

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As a foreign Entrepreneur or Business Owner, understanding incorporation regulations, and licensing is vital before setting up your business in Singapore. Different business structures can impact Singapore's tax liabilities.  One Visa offers comprehensive Corporate Services, aiding establishment while aligning with prerequisites.

Our offerings include:

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One Visa simplifies the incorporation process for foreign entrepreneurs and business owners. Our comprehensive corporate services are designed to meet all your establishment needs, from licensing to post-incorporation support.


Our Success Stories

One visa provides very efficient services; this company handled the visa issue with great professionalism and is very respectful of the deadlines. We thank them for their time and consideration and warmly recommend them for this kind of issue.

Caroline Masiha

Back-Office Manager, PPMS, France, www.ppms-paris.com


We outsource our visa processing to One Visa as it is very difficult to manage for us. One Visa is very professional and gives us good immigration advice pertaining to our company needs. One Visa is able to attain 100% approval on employment pass for all our employees and in the most efficient way. I would like to thank One Visa Team for their assistance.

Shinsuke Tabata

Cofounder and Director, Nulab


On Behalf of SEO Agency I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation with the delivered result that One Visa has provided to us. Working with Cheng has been a delight. Having a service like this allows me to put my time on focusing on growing our business.

Rhyce Lein

General Manager, SEO Agency www.seoagency.com.sg


frequently asked questions

Not necessarily. In most cases, if you are not in the regulated industries like financial, legal or education, it is possible to setup a Singapore company without have to get any license. If you are not sure about whether your business need a license, contact us for a Free Assessment on your case at info@one-visa.com.

Usually, it takes between 1 to 4 weeks depending on the complexity of the company structure.

The structure of the company can affect your company tax residency status and it will also impact the kind of service you can offer and your control to the business entity in Singapore. Speak to our experts to understand the optimum structure for you.

Yes, you can secure either an employment pass or Singapore Entrepreneur Pass but it is still subject to the visa criteria. Being a director and shareholder of a Singapore company does not mean that you will get the visa approved. Immigration requirement is more stringent than the company set up criteria. Contact our consultant for further advice.

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