Singapore Work Permit

Overview of Work Permit

What’s a Singapore Work Permit?

The Work Permit is a Singapore work pass that allows semi-skilled or unskilled workers from an approved list of countries to work in certain sectors in Singapore. Depending on your company sector, you are given certain quota to hire this group of foreign employee.

Criteria of the Work Permit

What’s the Work Permit requirement?

Qualified immigration advice based on updated immigration policies

How can we help you achieve your Visa Success?

Comprehensive analysis & Competent Advice

We will do all the necessary reviews of the best company structure based on your background. Additionally, we will advise on all the licensing requirement based on your business industry.

Accuracy in form filling and submission of required documents

All information provided to the MOM is crucial to the success of your application, our team is going to meticulously vet through all your documentation prior to submission;

Compile and Prepare Value-add documents

Every application is unique and different, in certain cases, we are required to advise and assist in the preparation of value-add documents which substantially increase your chances of success

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Why choose One Visa?

No more stress on your visa application(s) as our team will assist you in handling the entire visa application process from start till the end efficiently. When necessary, we help you liaise with the local authority.
We advise and assist you in preparing value-add documents (e.g. justification, appeal letters, etc.) based on the latest governmental policies that can increase your chances of success substantially.
Incomplete forms or improper documentation provided to government agency can often lead to complications or delays. Our knowledge of company act can help you saves time in having to deal with government agency at a later stage.

Our Process

Process for Singapore Work Permit​

Preliminary Assessment
Approval Check
Monitoring & Collection


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The number of S-Pass quota holders that a company can hire:
i. Service industry: 2 locals to 1 work permit holder
ii. Construction Sector: 1 local employee to 7 work permit holders;
iii. Process Sector: 1 local employee to 7 work permit holders;
iv. Marine Shipyard Sector: 1 local employee to 3.5 work permit holders

1 – 3 working days upon submission.
The S-Pass is valid for 12 – 24 months. You can extend for up to 24 months.