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What Is Training Employment Pass in Singapore?

The Training Employment Pass enables overseas students and trainees to undergo 3-month training as professionals, managers, and executives on the staff of the best Singaporean companies. Crucial criteria for this visa are studying in a recognized institution and having this training as a part of an academic study. The visa also fits trainees coming from overseas offices to increase their expertise in Singaporean parent companies. TEP is a perfect chance to make a career start on Singapore’s shores and taste the country’s praised employment opportunities.


Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Training Employment Pass

Demands for the foreign student:

  • Training ought to be a part of the university’s course.
  • Only recognized universities or colleges are eligible for the TEP (there is an exact list of eligible institutions which you can check in our online consulting room or on the MOM’s official website).
  • Well-established SG-based firm ought to act as a sponsor and pay a student a monthly salary that is no lower than 3,000 SGD.

Demands for the trainee from overseas subsidiary (representative/branch office):

  • Ought to be hired by a leading SG-based company at a monthly salary that is no lower than 3,000 SGD.

Features and Benefits of Training EP

  • Students or trainees aren’t allowed to apply for this visa on their own: only the employer is authorized, and it means that there must be a contract first.
  • This one-time visa is granted for 3 months without a chance of extension.
  • Students and trainees cannot invite their families to join them in SG.
  • Employer that hires a student or a trainee doesn’t have to pay a levy for him (her) or meet any quota.
  • The same training cannot be attended again on the Training EP.
  • The visa gives foreign students/trainees outstanding career opportunities: polishing their skills in the best firms, exploring local job market and building the foundation of their successful prospective employment in Singapore. TEP is a reliable footboard to getting qualified for the EP (Q1 type) after graduation.
  • TEP promotes sharing know-how between SG-based head companies and their foreign offices.

Unfortunately, the demand in foreign manpower is much lower than the supply, and realizing the benefits of the TEP, the government strives to grant this visa only to the most promising candidates and especially for companies that deserved the MOM’s respect as reliable employers in the key sectors of the SG economy. Due to the enormous number of applicants, the government tends to play safe and give TEP approvals only for impeccable applications. The reasons for rejection are many, but the most popular are:

  • Student’s alma mater isn’t recognized by the MOM (the list of approved universities and colleges that is published on the MOM website can be prejudiced, but you cannot argue that while applying for the TEP).
  • You attempted to undergo training you had attended before. This isn’t allowed for the TEP.
  • The firm-sponsor has a poor profile: the MOM screens companies based on their paid-up capital, business model, contribution to the local employment, track record including any records about violations of a local labor force.

Rejected visa can be appealed no later than in 3 months provided that the applicant is capable of addressing the issue described by the MOM in the rejection letter. The authorities warn that if the applicant cannot fix the issues that caused rejection and provide a documental proof of the change, such appeal won’t have a positive outcome. If you aren’t able to address the issue, you can always enlist backup of expert visa agency that has abundant expertise in winning appeals. We assess cases absolutely for free, so please stop at our online consulting room for a brief eligibility assessment.

If the situation is helpless and the candidate is really ineligible for the TEP, a visa agent can suggest another way how training can be attended, for example, the Training Work Permit. Please, reach out to our experts for getting a suitable visa solution for your situation.

An eligible hiring firm can lodge its TEP application using its account on EP Online service. All supportive documents that prove company’s and student’s/trainee’s eligibility ought to be submitted using the same online service. The government requires 7 days to analyze the application and announce the decision. A well-polished application that bears govt’s scrutiny usually causes no delays. Please take into account that a foreigner shouldn’t be in SG during the processing because the govt won’t extend the visit visa if it expires earlier.

If the TEP application gets the green light, a printed approval letter enables a foreigner to arrive in the country. This must be done during the first 6 months after the govt gives approval. Upon student’s/trainee’s arrival, the visa must be issued and the registration undergone according to the procedure described by the MOM.

First of all, a student or a trainee must get a 3-month contract for undergoing training at the certain Singaporean firm. It is important that the university (or any other approved institution the student studies at) recommends this training as a part of a study and that the certain training hasn’t been attended by the foreigner before. Afterwards, the employer can initiate the TEP application at the authorities. Except these requirements, the government would scrutinize the hiring company’s performance at the local job market as the employer, business model, prominent track record as only successful firms can get TEP visas for their trainees. It is important to involve a visa expert skilled in profile polishing and paperwork according to the govt’s tough demands.

A visa agent isn’t authorised to handle the application procedure, but if the employer faces some issues, it’s wise to enlist expert agency’s backup for the backstage work: preparing and polishing papers, tweaking the company’s profile, strategizing of the prominent TEP application and consulting throughout the whole processing time.

The pressure of the TEP criteria is quite tough, and not all students/trainees are really eligible for undergoing training on TEP. In case if the applicant cannot satisfy demanding MOM criteria, we can offer a couple of other solutions that doesn’t imply such high demands – the Work Holiday Programme for students and the Training Work Permit for trainees.

TEP is a one-time visa, and it cannot be renewed after its 3-month term ends. Moreover, when the student/trainee would like to get one more TEP in the future, they must choose another kind of training.

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