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At One Visa, we specialised in delivering tailored immigration solutions that are designed to meet your unique needs. With our proven track record as a licensed immigration agency (EA No.: 10C2994), we've successfully assisted more than 10,000 foreign firms, entrepreneurs, and executives in their relocation journeys to Singapore. Our comprehensive range of services is meticulously crafted to ensure a smooth and hassle-free immigration process, enabling you to focus on what truly matters to you.

The Employment Pass (EP) is a coveted work pass in Singapore, tailored for foreign professionals, managers, and executives looking to contribute their expertise to the dynamic landscape of the city-state. This pass offers a versatile pathway for individuals who bring valuable skills and experience to Singapore’s workforce.

The Employment Pass Criteria:

To qualify for the Employment Pass, you must meet specific criteria that showcase your qualifications and your potential contributions to Singapore’s economy:

Company Sponsorship: You need sponsorship from a reputable and well-established Singaporean company. This sponsor is essentially vouching for your suitability for the pass.

Salary Requirements: The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) sets minimum salary thresholds to ensure that EP holders are adequately compensated. The exact threshold varies depending on factors like your qualifications, experience, and the specific role you’ll be undertaking.

Qualifications and Experience: Your qualifications and professional experience play a crucial role in demonstrating your suitability for the EP. The MOM typically requires a minimum level of educational attainment or relevant experience.

Navigating the intricate Employment Pass (EP) application requires expertise and strategy. That’s where we step in:

  • Eligibility Evaluation: We assess your profile meticulously, ensuring EP eligibility based on qualifications, experience, and role.

  • Document Support: We simplify document gathering, organising essential paperwork for a polished application.

  • Strategic Submission: Our seasoned consultants align your strengths with EP criteria, submitting strategically.

  • Monitoring of Application and Updates: Stay informed as we keep you updated on application progress, ensuring transparency.

  • Appeal Support: In the event of complication or rejection, our team will liaise with the authority directly to resolve any issues.

Partner with us for seamless Employment Pass success. Benefit from our track record, immigration insights, and personalised approach. Elevate your career journey with One Visa. Contact us today to start your EP application confidently.

** From 1st of September 2023, all Employment Pass Applicants must pass the COMPASS Points system. Contact Us for more updates.

The EntrePass is a type of work pass that allows foreign entrepreneurs to establishing their businesses in Singapore. It is designed to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Singapore, empowering you to turn your business idea into a reality on Singaporean soil.

EntrePass Criteria:

To successfully secure an EntrePass in Singapore, certain criteria must be met to demonstrate your commitment to innovation and business prowess:

  1. Innovative Ventures: Your proposed business must either be venture-backed or built upon innovative technology.

  2. Business Track Records: A track record of successful business management is essential to showcase your entrepreneurial acumen.

  3. Feasibility Plan: A concise, well-structured 10-page business plan is required to prove the viability of your entrepreneurial endeavor.

EntrePass Assistance: Guiding Your Entrepreneurial Venture in Singapore

For ambitious entrepreneurs looking to establish or relocate their businesses in Singapore, our EntrePass assistance is meticulously tailored to navigate the intricacies of the process. Our comprehensive service covers:

  • In-Depth Business Plan Review: We conduct a thorough evaluation of your business plan, ensuring its viability and alignment with EntrePass requirements.

  • Criteria Fulfillment Support: Our experts guide you through meeting the necessary criteria, ensuring your application stands out.

  • Application Submission and Ongoing Updates: We handle the submission process and keep you informed with real-time updates on your application status.

  • Enhanced Business Plan: Receive expert advice on optimising your business plan for heightened success rates, giving your venture a competitive edge.

  • Appeal Support: In the event of complication or rejection, our team will liaise with the authority directly to resolve any issues.

With One Visa’s EntrePass assistance, you’re equipped with the tools to transform your entrepreneurial aspirations into reality in Singapore. Let us guide you through the intricate path to success. Contact us today for a Free Assessment to take the first step towards establishing your business foothold in the Lion City.


Achieving Singapore Permanent Residency (SPR) is a significant milestone, opening doors to a prosperous future in the Lion City. Singapore  offers an array of benefits and opportunities for individuals seeking to establish deep roots and contribute to Singapore’s growth.

Types of Singapore PR Schemes:

There are three main Singapore PR schemes catering to different profiles:

  1. Professional Technical or Skilled Professional (PTS) Scheme: Designed for overseas working professionals currently employed in Singapore.

  2. Singapore PR Scheme for Investors (Global Investor Programme – GIP): An investment visa path, wherein you can apply for PR by establishing a business with a minimum investment of $2.5 million.

  3. Family Sponsor Scheme: PR application for spouses of Singapore Permanent Residents or Citizens.

There are many factors that might impact the success of your Singapore PR application (e.g. Length of stay, Your occupation, Family Profile, and contribution to Singapore). We provide you with comprehensive immigration support from giving you proper immigration advice to filling your application with the ICA until the collection stage. 

SPR Criteria:

To secure Singapore Permanent Residency, meeting specific criteria is essential to showcase your integration and potential contributions:

  1. Economic Contribution: Showcase your positive impact on Singapore’s economy through employment, entrepreneurship, or investments.

  2. Residency Period: Demonstrate your commitment by residing in Singapore for a significant duration, building ties within the community.

  3. Family Ties: Highlight relationships with Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents, reinforcing your connection to the nation.

  4. Employment History: A stable and productive work history in Singapore can enhance your eligibility for SPR.

  5. Educational Qualifications: Recognised educational qualifications can strengthen your profile, indicating your potential contributions to Singapore’s workforce.


By choosing One Visa, you’re opting for a dedicated partner invested in your successful Singapore Permanent Residency journey. Our holistic support and deep understanding of immigration policies pave the way for a seamless application process. Join the ranks of individuals who’ve secured their permanent residency with our guidance.

Elevate your future with One Visa. Contact us today for a Free Assessment to embark on your SPR application journey with confidence.


Embarking on your professional journey in Singapore is made easier with the ONE Pass, a streamlined work pass designed for foreign professionals. With ONE Pass, you are able to work and operate a business concurrently in Singapoer. This pass is a testament to Singapore’s commitment to attracting global talent, ensuring a seamless experience for both employees and employers.

ONE Pass Criteria:

The ONE Pass is tailored for professionals seeking employment opportunities in Singapore. To qualify for this pass, you need to meet specific criteria that highlight your qualifications and potential contributions:

  1. Recognised Qualifications: Hold recognized qualifications from reputable institutions, showcasing your expertise.

  2. Specialised Skills: Possess specialized skills that align with the job role, demonstrating your value to Singapore’s workforce.

  3. Salary: Each at least 30,000 SGD per month.

How Can One Visa Help?

At One Visa, we understand the importance of a seamless work pass application process. Here’s how our expertise can benefit you:

  • Eligibility Assessment: We evaluate your profile to determine your eligibility, ensuring you meet the ONE Pass criteria.
  • Documentation Support: We streamline the document compilation process, ensuring your application is complete and well-presented.
  • Strategic Submission: Our experienced consultants submit your application strategically, showcasing your qualifications and skills.
  • Transparent Updates: Stay informed throughout the process with real-time updates on your application status.

By choosing One Visa, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to your professional success in Singapore. Our comprehensive support, in-depth knowledge of immigration policies, and personalised approach set the stage for a seamless ONE Pass application process. Join the ranks of skilled professionals who’ve successfully secured their work passes with our assistance.

Elevate your career journey with One Visa. Contact us today for a Free Eligibility Assessment to start your ONE Pass application on the right track.




The Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) is a sought-after option for professionals looking to further their careers in Singapore. This pass offers flexibility and empowerment allowing the applicant to work in Singapore without the need of having a company sponsorship, enabling you to pursue opportunities that align with your expertise and aspirations.

PEP Criteria:

To secure the Personalised Employment Pass, certain criteria must be met to highlight your qualifications and potential contributions:

  1. Exceptional Qualifications: Showcase impressive academic qualifications, professional achievements, and expertise in your field.

  2. Employment Track Record: Demonstrate a history of impactful contributions and experience in high-level positions.

  3. Minimum Salary Requirement: Meet the stipulated minimum salary criteria of 18,000 SGD per month, reflecting the value you bring to your role.

How One Visa Can Help?

At One Visa, we understand the significance of securing a PEP. Here’s how our expertise can guide you:

  • Eligibility Assessment: We evaluate your profile to ensure you align with PEP criteria, offering insight into your potential eligibility.

  • Document Support: We simplify document compilation, ensuring your application showcases your achievements comprehensively.

  • Strategic Application: Our experienced consultants strategically present your qualifications, highlighting your suitability for the PEP.

By choosing One Visa, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to your professional advancement in Singapore. Our comprehensive support, combined with our deep understanding of immigration policies, ensures a seamless PEP application process. Join the ranks of skilled professionals who’ve successfully secured their passes with our guidance.

Elevate your career journey with One Visa. Contact us today for a Free Eligibility Assessment to embark on your PEP application journey with confidence.

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We've successfully helped over 10,000 businesses, entrepreneurs, and executives secure visas. With our deep understanding of Singapore's immigration system, our experts provide guidance and craft compelling documentation, boosting your success chances.

Comprehensive Immigration Assistance

We are a full-service immigration agency providing comprehensive visa support throughout the entire process. Our guidance assists you at every step, from the initiation of the immigration procedure to the collection of the visa. Our objective is to expedite your visa acquisition process efficiently and effectively.

Save Time & Money

Lack of proper understanding of the immigration policies can lead to delays or denials. Our expert assistance ensures efficient visa processing, letting you focus on business or family. Trust us to navigate Singapore's Immigration landscape.

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We have over 10 years of experience helping countless foreign individuals like you every day which means that we are well versed in immigration system and we are able to provide you with the immigration strategy needs to get your visa approved. Additionally, our consultant will act on your behalf to deal with the immigration and prepare strong justification letter(s) needed to help you get approvals.

Our success rate is above 90% and we have helped over 10,000 clients in getting their visas approved. So you can trust our service quality and experience. 

Most service providers do not focus on immigration practice as their core and they usually provide less advisory service but more form-filling service. At One Visa, we adopt an immigration advisory approach where we focus on giving us specialised advice to ensure you get your visa approved.

We want to ensure high success for our clients as we believe that by ensuring our clients get the visa approval, we will keep our client happy.


We can assist you by contacting the case officer on your behalf to get the rejection reasons. With the rejection reasons, we will help you prepare and compile all the necessary documentations to justify your case. 

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