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Who Needs an Angolan Visa?

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Due to dark pages of its history, Angola doesn’t belong to popular tourist, business and employment destinations. But thanks to the rapid economic growth it showed during the last decades and lucrative potential of its oil and diamond industries, Angolan visas gain popularity. More and more foreigners decide to contribute their skills to the country’s booming sectors. In this guide, you will read about the Angolan visa system and figure out the most suitable visa for your case – either a short-term or a long-term.

All travellers irrespectively of their nationality, the purpose of arrival and the duration of a visit, must have an appropriate visa approved before the arrival. Only the Namibians have a visa-free entry to Angola. The country works on its attractiveness and makes efforts in developing multiple-entry visas for tourists and workers and removing certain constraints. For example, it has already announced simplifying of its visa regime towards Portugal and Brazil. Soon, the Brazilians will have 2-year multiple-entry visas that allow 1 entry per year (90 days each).

You need a long-term visa if you are:

  • a worker pursuing employment in a local well-established company (you get a work visa for 1 year with a possibility of extension; the visa is attached to a certain employer and doesn’t allow getting involved in any other employment);
  • a student who was enrolled or is going to get enrolled in any Angolan educational institution (you get a student visa for 1 year with a possibility of extension for 1 year each time until the course is finished; the student visa doesn’t allow employment);
  • a seeker of the Angolan permanent residence (you get a residency visa for 120 days with a chance of extension until the decision about the full resident status is made).

You need a short-term visa if you are:

  • a foreign technician invited for a short equipment repair job by an Angolan oil, mining, or sailor company;
  • a tourist who is going to travel to or through Angola or attend its cultural events;
  • a foreigner pursuing treatment in Angolan medical facilities;
  • a businessman attending a meeting in an Angolan company;
  • a foreign national who needs to pay a brief family visit (for example, dedicated to a funeral);
  • a foreign employee who applied for the work visa, got approval and now needs to arrive in the country for collecting the visa.

The 2 most popular short-term visas – the Ordinary Visa and the Brief Duration Visa – imply either being invited to the country by an Angolan resident (either a company or a person) that sponsors a visitor or having enough funds for paying such visit.

The Ordinary visa gives a foreigner 30 days with a possibility of extension for another 30 days. The Brief Duration Visa is granted in urgent cases for 7 days. Both of them prohibit getting involved in any profitable activity and travelling outside Luanda.

To apply for a visa, a foreigner needs to visit the Angolan embassy to lodge the required papers and the application in person or enlist a help of visa consultants who will represent your case before the authorities and manage your paperwork. Please, keep in mind that applying for Angolan visas require individual approach as different documents may be required. For example, the Brief Duration Visa will require a proof of the return ticket while long-term visas require a certain minimum amount of money on a bank account as a guarantee of financial sufficiency.

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