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Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) Singapore


The Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) visa is for those foreign high income earners who are looking for flexibility in their employment as this is a self-sponsor pass and does not tie you down with any employers. You do not need to re-apply for any new work pass whether you switch to a new employment but you must be paid a minimum salary of 12,000 SGD per month. Find out more on the eligibility criteria and how to apply for this pass.

Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) Eligibility:

  • An existing Employment Pass holder that earns a monthly fixed salary of 12,000 SGD. Overseas sponsorship EP holders are not eligible;
  • For foreign professionals with overseas employment, you must earn a monthly fixed income of 18,000 SGD per month;
  • These categories of Executives are not eligible for the PEP scheme:

– Freelancer
– Sole proprietor, partner, shareholder, director of a Singapore registered company
– Journalist, editor, sub-editor or producer
– Entrepreneurs and business owners that plan to operate their business in Singapore

If you belongs to the above list of occupations that does not allow you to obtain a PEP, you may look into obtaining an Employment Pass instead.

Documents Required for the Personalised Employment Pass

  • Completed Personalised Employment Pass application form,
  • Passport particular page pf the applicant
  • Salary slips for the past 6 months;
  • Bank statement for the past 6 months;
  • Company employment letter stating your salary;
  • Latest income tax statement.

Maintaining your PEP status

As the PEP is issued for 3 years, there are certain conditions to meet in order to maintain the PEP status. You are required to update the following via the PEP notification form:

  • Changes in your employment status;
  • Change of local contact
  • Declaration of your annual salary 30 days from the last day of each calendar year

You must note that you have to keep a minimum salary of 12,000 SGD per month and at least 6 month employment per calendar year to maintain you PEP status. In case if you do not fulfil the criteria, you can contact our expert for help.

Pathway to Singapore Permanent Residency

As an PEP holder, you are eligible to apply for the Singapore PR but the Permanent Residency follows a different set of criteria. PR is assessed based on your contribution to Singapore as an individual, your family profile, and your ability to integrate to the Singapore culture. There is not fix number of years that you have to stay to be eligible for SPR. If you are interested, you can view our Comprehensive guide on how to apply for Singapore PR.

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The employment pass processing time is 5 – 8 weeks upon submission. In certain cases like MOM additional document request or appeal submission, you need additional 3 – 5 weeks upon submission of the additional documents or appeal.
No, quota only applies to S-Pass or Work Permit.
Yes, but you need to notify MOM on your additional employment.

You are not allow to renew your PEP. You must apply for Employment Pass instead.

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