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If you are planning to kickstart your business in Singapore, the entrepass is the most suitable visa for you. This visa is for foreign entrepreneurs to start up their new business in Singapore. However, you need to have the track record in running a business and a viable business idea that is high growth and can benefit the Singapore economy.

Entrepass Eligibility Requirements

The Employment Pass is the most common and flexible work pass for foreign entrepreneurs or businessperson to work and live in Singapore. However, you must show proof of business activities and that you have the relevant experience for the declared position.

Employment Pass Eligibility Requirements

Entrepass Vs. Employment Pass

Company Sponsor
Must be new company setup < 6 monthsNo requirement for how long the company has been established
Business Activities
A business plan is enough as proof of businessNeed concrete business activities as proof of ongoing business
No salary requiredMust be paid a monthly salary
Main Evaluation Criteria
Proposed business idea and the applicant’s business track recordsCompany sponsors business activities and applicant’s credential (education, relevant working experience etc.)
Renewal criteria
Need to achieve certain business milestones for your renewal to be granted.Your company must show proof of business activities for your renewal to be granted.
Processing Time
8 – 10 weeks3 – 8 weeks
Dependant Pass Eligibility
Must achieve the business milestones set by MOM before you can apply for Dependant Passes for your family.Must be making a minimum salary of 6,000 SGD per month before you can apply for Dependant Passes for your family.
Pass Validity
Issued for 12 months and can be renewed on a 12 month basisIssue for 12 – 24 months and can be renewed for 24 to 36 months.

Entrepass Check list

Our visa experts compiled a check list for your Entrepass application.

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Employment Pass
Check list

Our visa experts compiled a check list for your Employment pass application.

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Entrepass is mainly for more innovative businesses rather than traditional business.
Yes. You can set up the company later after you have obtained approval for your entrepass.
On normal circumstances, 6 – 8 weeks upon submission. Additional 3 – 6 weeks for rejected and additional documents request case
No minimum salary required.


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