Global Investor Programme
(GIP) Guide

Singapore Investor Visa Guide - Global Investor Programme (GIP)


The Singapore Global Investor Programme is the only type of Singapore Immigration Investor Visa available and this scheme is targeted at highly accomplished entrepreneurs, business owners and investors who are interested to acquire Permanent residency in Singapore within 12 months by investing 2.5 million SGD into start-up business or GIP Fund. This is also the only Fast-Track Singapore Citizenship by Investment programme that leads to the Singapore Citizenship pathway after 2 years of securing your GIP visa.

The 2.5 million SGD investment is only a single component that allows individuals to qualify for GIP. Aside from having enough funds, you also have to prove to authorities that you have entrepreneurial abilities by providing authorities with an excellent track record. It is a must to furnish an investment plan, as well as a credible business proposal to earn permanent residence status. Read further to learn more. If investing such a substantial amount is not an option for you, you may apply for the Singapore Permanent Resident under the PTS scheme.

Also, if you are looking for lower investment for Citizenship by Investment scheme, you can explore Cyprus Investor Residency scheme

Eligibility Criteria for GIP programme:

As the GIP visa is targeted to those highly accomplished business owners or entreprenuers. you must meet one of the following 3 criterion as proof of your business or entrepreneurial track-records:

1.Highly Established Business Owners
  • You must have 3 years of excellent entrepreneurial track record;
  • You are currently operating a company with 200 million SGD revenue per year;
  • You own at least 30% shares in the company (if the company is private held);
  • The company must engaged in at least of the industries listed in the approved business industries;

2. The 2nd Generation Business Owners
  • Your immediate family should have a minimum of 30% shareholding or be the largest shareholder in the company;
  • The operating company must have at least 500 million SGD revenue per year;
  • You have to be in the management team of the company;
  • The company must engaged in at least of the industries listed in the approved business industries;

3. Founders of High-Growth company
  • You have to be the founder and the larger individual shareholders of the company with a valuation of 500 million SGD
  • Your company must prior investor from a well-known VC or private Equity firms;
  • The company must engaged in at least of the industries listed in the approved business industries;

4. Family office principals
  • You must have more than 5 years of entrepreneurial, investment or management experience
  • You must have an investible assets of over 200 millions SGD

Investment Options Criterion Available for the GIP

Option A: A minimum investment of 2.5 million SGD in a new local business entity or in the expansion of an existing local business;

Option B: A minimum investment of 2.5 million SGD in a GIP funds investing in companies based in Singapore;

Option C: A minimum investment of 2.5 million SGD in a new or existing Singapore-based family office that has an Assets-Under-Management (AUM) of 200 million SGD.

Permanent Residence (PR) for family members

You can also apply PR for your direct family members (your spouse and children under 21 years of age). You must note that all second generation males PR are required to serve the National Service. For your parents and children (above 21 years of age), you can apply long term social visit for them which is renewable.

Application Process for the GIobal Investor Programme (GIP)

You have to submit the application both in softcopy and hard copy. You must complete the following process for the GIP application

  • Made a payment of 10,000 SGD as Application fee;
  • Complete Form A, B and C and submit online;
  • Submit all Forms and the below required documents in hard copies:

a. Undertaking on the Terms & Conditions for GIP
b. Declaration form A for Application of the GIP
c. Declaration form B for Proposed Plan for Investment
d. Payment details of application fee in Form CF
e. Statutory Declaration form
f. Printout of all e-application form that was submitted online
g. Complete form 4 for the application of the entry permit (PR application)
h. All other necessary documents wherever applicable depending on which GIP category are you applying for.

Processing Time of GIP Application

  1. Submit application with complete GIP forms to EDB
  2. EDB invite for interview
  3. If applicant fulfil the requirements, ICA will issue an Approval-In-Principal (AIP) status valid for 6 months
  4. Applicant makes the required investments within 6 months
  5. Applicant to show proof of investment and submit an investment undertaking on the Terms and Conditions
  6. EDB verify the investment and ICA issue the Final Approval letter for GIP
  7. Applicant to formalised and collect Singapore PR within 12 months from the date of the final approval letter.

The whole GIP application process will take between 9 – 12 months and during the processing period, the EDB will invite for an interview on your plan in Singapore for your investments. If you pass the interview process, you will be granted an Approval-In-Principal to make the required relevant investment within 6 months. Once you have shown proof of your investment, the authorities will finalised your PR status.

With your PR status, you and your family members will be issued a Blue ID card and enjoy all the benefits being a Singapore PR (tax relief, education subsidies, medical subsidies etc.

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You need to meet certain business milestones before you are able to renew your PR for another 5 years.
Yes but you must stay in Singapore for at least 2 years to be eligible for the citizenship scheme.

List of Approved Industries under the GIP Scheme on ANNEX B
• Aerospace Engineering
• Alternative Energy/ Clean Technology
• Automotive
• Chemicals
• Consumer Business (e.g. flavors and fragrances, food ingredients, nutrition, home and personal care)
• Electronics
• Energy
• Engineering Services
• Healthcare
• Infocomm Products & Services
• Logistics & Supply Chain Management
• Marine & Offshore Engineering
• Media & Entertainment
• Medical Technology
• Nanotechnology
• Natural Resources (e.g. metals, mining, agri-commodities)
• Safety & Security
• Space
• Shipping
• Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
• Precision Engineering
• Professional Services e.g. consulting, design
• Arts Businesses
   o Visual arts businesses, e.g. auction houses, art logistics/storage
   o Performing arts businesses
• Sports Businesses
• Family Office & Financial Services

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