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Types of Investor Visa Schemes Available Globally

There are various investor visa schemes available around the world and it depends on the amount that you are willing to invest, your purpose of migration and the country of destination. Some may be more interested in securing a second passport for ease of travelling and some are more concern on the quality of life and the standard of living in the country. Below are a list of countries that offer investor visas for you to consider:
The Australia Investor visa is developed to target the high-net worth individuals, business owners, investors or entrepreneurs who are willing to invest a substantial amount of capital in a new or existing business in Australia. The investment amount range from a minimum of 800,000 AUD to 5 million depending on the type of investor visa sub-class you are applying for. For those without any business or investment track-records or over the age requirements, there are other options available.
The GIP scheme is the only fast-track direct Permanent Residency (PR) scheme in Singapore that allows foreign investor to invest 2.5 million SGD into a business, a GIP fund or a family office. There are also other stringent requirements for this scheme. Read further to understand more.
Cyprus Investor Visa provides a fast-track pathway to acquiring Permanent Residency or Citizenship within 6 months. With as little as 2 million Euro into real estate in Cyprus (plus a donation of 75,000 Euro to the Land Development Organisation), you are able to secure an EU citizenship via Cyprus and enjoy all the perks of being an EU citizen (free healthcare, education etc..). In case if 2 million Euro is too high for you, you can also opt for the Permanent Residency (PR) in Cyprus when you can invest as little as 300k Euro in a residential property. Check out the Cyprus PR scheme here.
There are a few category of New Zealand Investor Visas for investors to secure their residency in New Zealand. Depending on the investor’s background, he/she can invest from as little as 500k NZD to 10 million NZD to acquire the visa. Investor 2 scheme is for those who are willing to invest NZ $ 3million but the applicant must also meet the business points. Read further to learn more on how to acquire residency in New Zealand.
The US investor EB5 visa is a direct U.S. Permanent Residency Program for foreign investors to invest into the Government-Approved projects throughout the United States of America. The EB5 visa will grant you access to the education system and the residency in the country as well as receiving your investment back during the completion of the projects. The main applicant must physically stay in the US for 6 months. Read further to learn more.
The Portugal golden visa program is an investor visa program when you can invest 500,000 euro into residential property to acquire 5 years residency. There is not stay requirements in this visa scheme. As the main applicant, you only have to stay 7 days per year to maintain your golden visa and this visa can lead to Permanent residency and Portugal Citizenship in future. Read further to understand more.
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