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Frequently Asked Questions about the Singapore Employment Pass

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Singapore: A thriving hub of commerce and innovation. One Visa has been a cornerstone for helping numerous individuals navigate their way through the Singapore visa. But with every journey comes questions. And today, we’re here to demystify the Singapore Employment Pass for you. Embark on this informative journey to uncover answers to all the pressing queries you’ve harbored.

1. What is the Singapore Employment Pass (EP)?

The Employment Pass is a work visa which allows foreign professionals, managers, executives, and specialists to live and work in Singapore. It’s for those with job offers in Singapore and who have specialized skills or qualifications.

2. How long is the Employment Pass valid for?

Typically, the EP is valid for one to two years and is renewable as long as the person remains employed in the company. You can renew it via the One Visa, where we have comprehensive guidelines for the same.

3. What are the eligibility criteria for an EP?

To qualify, one must have a job offer from a Singapore employer, possess recognized qualifications (like a university degree), and a minimum monthly salary (which varies based on qualifications and experience). You must also score 40 points on compass to secure an approval.

4. Can my family accompany me on an EP?

If you hold an Employment Pass, you can bring certain family members to Singapore on a Dependant’s Pass or Long-Term Visit Pass.

5. How long does it take to process the EP?

It generally takes about two weeks for the Ministry of Manpower to process an application. However, some cases may take longer. One Visa can assist in expediting the process where possible. Check out our services page for more information.

6. Can I change jobs while on an Employment Pass?

If you switch jobs, your new employer will need to apply for a new EP for you.

7. How can I apply for a Singapore Employment Pass?

Application is primarily done online. While you can apply directly through the Ministry of Manpower’s website, working with an agency like One Visa can streamline the process. Navigate to our EP application page for a step-by-step walkthrough.

8. What happens if my EP gets rejected?

Rejections happen, but they’re not the end of the road. You can submit an appeal within 90 days after rejection.

9. Do I need to pay a security deposit for the EP?

No, foreign workers do not need to pay a security deposit for the Employment Pass.

So, you’re thinking of taking the plunge and diving into the vibrant world of Singapore? The Singapore Employment Pass (EP) is like your VIP ticket to this amazing city-state, where cultures merge and business opportunities are just around every corner. We at One Visa are here, just like that knowledgeable friend you always lean on, to help you navigate this new adventure..

10. The Employment Pass: Not Just a Piece of Paper

Getting the EP isn’t just about working in Singapore. It’s your gateway to experiencing this city in all its glory. It’s your pass to explore freely, dabble in local foods at hawker centers, and of course, to make those crucial business meetings across borders hassle-free. If you fall in love with Singapore, this EP could be your first step to calling Singapore home, permanently.

11. Making Your EP Application a Breeze

The EP application might seem tricky, but that’s what we’re here for. One Visa is like your GPS through this journey. We’ve got the map, the routes, and the shortcuts to make sure you get from ‘thinking of applying’ to ‘EP approved’ smoothly.

Our team keeps things on point, in line with what the Ministry of Manpower expects. We aim to sidestep those by being thorough and proactive.

12. Life in Singapore?

Armed with your Employment Pass (EP), you are poised to immerse yourself in the multifaceted experiences that Singapore offers. Picture this: savoring the intricate flavors of traditional Laksa, witnessing the architectural marvels at Marina Bay, and integrating yourself into the pulsating heart of this global metropolis. This venture transcends beyond professional engagements; it is an invitation to embrace a rich cultural tapestry and forge lifelong memories.

Furthermore, Singapore’s strategic geographical positioning offers an added advantage, facilitating convenient travel to a host of picturesque locales for weekend getaways. In terms of quality of life, Singapore promises a harmonious blend of professional growth and personal enrichment, thereby standing as a beacon of excellence in the global landscape.

For more information, visit our blog .

13. Why One Visa?

Making a move to Singapore is huge, and it’s more than paperwork and processes. It’s dreams, hopes, and a touch of jitters. That’s where we at One Visa come in. Think of us as your on-ground crew, ready to guide, assist, and cheer you on.


Navigating the world of employment passes can be challenging, but with the right guidance, the process becomes smooth and stress-free. One Visa has been instrumental in assisting countless individuals in their Singapore journey. Have more queries? Contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the primary purpose of the Singapore Employment Pass?

A: The Singapore Employment Pass serves as a work visa for foreign professionals, managers, and executives seeking to work in Singapore.

Q: Can Employment Pass holders bring their families to Singapore?

A: Yes, Employment Pass holders can sponsor their spouse and children for Dependant’s Passes to live in Singapore.

Q: How long is the processing time for an Employment Pass application?

A: The processing time for an Employment Pass application can range from 3 to 6 weeks, although it might vary based on individual circumstances and document verification processes.

Q: Is there a minimum salary requirement to qualify for an Employment Pass?

A: Yes, to qualify for an Employment Pass, candidates typically must have a minimum salary of SGD 4,500, with more experienced candidates requiring higher salaries.

Q: Can Employment Pass holders apply for Permanent Residency (PR) in Singapore?

A: Yes, Employment Pass holders can apply for Permanent Residency in Singapore, though approval is at the discretion of the Singaporean government and based on various factors including salary, job type, and length of residency.

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