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What Is Angola Work Visa?

Angola Work Visa is a temporary 1-year solution for overseas professionals and technicians who seek to contribute their skills to a developing Angolan economy and especially such booming and privileged sectors as oil and diamond production, mining, and national reconstruction. Being hired by an Angola-based well-established company is the ultimate condition for getting the Angolan work permit. Granted for 1 year with a possibility of extension, this pass allows overseas employees to bring their families along to the country. Due to high salaries in these hard, but very lucrative niches, Angola Work Visa is one of the most asked-for visas on the planet.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Angola Work Permit

As the work visa for Angola implies an employment contract, both the hiring Angolan firm and the foreigner take part in the application and are being assessed.

  • Foreigner’s passport validity mustn’t be less than 12 months.
  • Foreigner must be of good health (verified by a medical report and vaccination certificate).
  • Employment contract with a well-established Angola-based firm is requisite.
  • Foreigner mustn’t have any brushes with the law (a police clearance is required).
  • Hiring firm must be registered and well-established as well as be a diligent taxpayer.
  • Employer is required to submit an official invitation.
  • Foreigner must have relevant job experience and educational qualification.

Features and Benefits of Working Visa for Angola

  • Work visa is bound to a specific employer that applied for this visa. The employee isn’t allowed to deviate from the employment this visa was issued for.
  • Visa is granted for 1 year, and before this term ends, it can be extended twice (makes 3 years in total).
  • Foreigners working on Angolan work permits are free to travel out of Angola and in it.
  • Angolan permanent residence isn’t provided for the holders of this work pass.
  • Angola work permit holders can apply for the Temporary Stay Visa for their co-workers and families.

Applying for the Angola work visa with a qualified visa team minimises the odds for rejection dramatically. One Visa has unrivalled approval rates (100%) for all kinds of visas to Angola. Due to our well-tuned communication with Angolan authorities and strong paperwork skills, we efficiently coordinate the work visa application and achieve approval in the shortest possible time.

If you have faced a rejection, please bring your case to us. After a competent assessment of your employment potential and investigation into the issue, we will be able to come up with an expedient solution. The most popular reason why the work permit for Angola gets rejected hides in unsatisfactory quality of the provided documents. Due to our intense experience with the Angolan authorities, we know every comma in the required papers and are able to polish your documentation and get the desired approval.

The hiring Angolan firm is obliged to provide such information:

  1. Letter of Invitation. This document must enfold the purpose of the foreigner’s arrival, the term and the place of stay and guarantee that the employer takes financial responsibility for the overseas employee.
  2. Contract for temporary employment. This document (signed by the employer) must specify the job position the foreigner is being hired on and the duration of the employment.
  3. Copy of the Republic Daily page that testifies the establishing of the company.
  4. Copy of Business License.
  5. Latest document that proves tax payment.

The foreign employee must provide such information:

  1. Visa Application Form
  2. Declaration of obeying Angola’s current laws
  3. Copy of the passport’s main pages
  4. Copy of yellow fever certificate

Please take into account that Angola government requires some documents to be endorsed in the country’s embassy before attaching them to the Angola work visa application. Papers that must be endorsed are:

  • Letter of Invitation (provided by the employer)
  • Contract of Employment (provided by the employer)
  • Educational qualifications (diplomas/degrees/certificates)
  • Professional Licence /Certificate (if applicable)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Police Clearance
  • Medical Certificate from the country of origin

Please carefully consider Angola’s criteria to the submitted papers: some of them must be endorsed and all of them must be in perfect Portuguese and compiled according to the standards. If your documents are in another language, enlisting a professional translation service is crucial. If you aren’t certain that you are able to cope with the paperwork and other application niceties, it is reasonable to entrust a visa professional with this task.

It usually takes our team 2-3 months to process the Work Visa for Angola. After the issuance, the holder must use his/her Work Visa for entering Angola during 60 days. We do not advise you to buy an airplane ticket until your work pass approval is decided.

The Angola-based firm that hires a foreigner lodges the application at the Ministry of Migration and Foreigners. In a few weeks, the employer must submit the endorsed Letter of Invitation. After this submission, the foreigner can come to the Angola Embassy in his/her country and apply for the Ordinary Visa (if this employer has never worked in this country before). The visa is usually ready in two weeks, and it gives the foreigner an entry permit to Angola for 30 days during which this visa must be converted into the work pass applied by the employer (if the government approves it). If during this month the work visa can’t be obtained, the foreigner must leave Angola for getting a new ordinary visa.

As you can see, the procedure is very complicated and requires wise strategizing and considering lots of factors. The scheme works well only if actions of both the employer and the foreigner are well-coordinated and no issues with paperwork arise. This can be achieved by enlisting visa professionals who have an intense experience in getting work visas for Angola.

The 12-month work permit for Angola is extendable. Before the visa terminates, it can be extended for another year but only two times. This makes 3 years of total visa duration. Please take into consideration that the 30-day ordinary visa on which foreigners arrive in Angola in the beginning isn’t extendable. If you fail to convert this ordinary visa into a work one (this can happen because the Angola government rejects the employer’s work pass application), you are required to leave Angola. To avoid such frustrating situations, it is crucial to involve a professional visa backup.

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