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Angola Legalisation Service

The legalization is a procedure of verifying documents at the Angolan Embassy. All papers required for getting Angola visas to the country must undergo such legalization before being attached to the application and submitted. This is a mandatory requirement set by Angola authorities. Papers that must go through legalization are:

  • Letter of Invitation (provided by the employer)
  • Contract of Employment (provided by the employer)
  • Educational qualifications (diplomas/degrees/certificates)
  • Professional Licence /Certificate
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Police Clearance
  • Medical Certificate from the country of origin

Requirements for Angola Legalization:

  • All required documents must be translated into Portuguese first.
  • Some papers must go through Notary’s authentication.
  • Every corporate document that needs to be legalized must have a Certificate of Corporation attached.
  • Every private document that needs to be legalized must have a copy of the applicant’s passport attached.

Except these requirements, the foreigner must also provide a cover letter containing such details as the foreigner’s name, contacts, which exactly parts of the documents must be legalized and the bank receipt with the name in it.

There is a certain order how the papers must be presented for the legalization:

  • Page #1 contains affidavit (a writing declaration made upon oath before the Notary) composed either in English or Portuguese. This page has the Notary’s stamp on the front page and apostille of the Foreign Office on its back.
  • Page #2 (and onward pages) contains the document translated into Portuguese.
  • The original document must be attached after the translation.

Please take into account that to attend the Embassy’s legalization service, you must get a special ticket between 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Your papers won’t be accepted without this ticket.

The Angolan authorities warn that if the applicant fails to provide documents according to these demands, legalization cannot be made and the application process won’t get off the ground. Preparing the papers based on the Embassy’s latest standards is the keystone of your visa application success.

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