Different types of visa in Singapore

The Different Visa Schemes in Singapore

A leading financial and business hub in Southeast Asia, Singapore continues to attract investors and foreign talent from all over the world with its open immigration policies. How can an entrepreneur or a working professional stay legally in the country? What are the many Singapore work visa schemes available for them? Let’s take a look.


What do you need to know before applying for an Singapore Work Visa:

  • Whether that visa requires company sponsorship?

  • Any quota required for this particular visa

  • Any levy required to be paid for the work visa?

  • Do you have the Right background (e.g. Education, Experience )?

  • Whether the visa you are applying for temporary or permanent residency?

  • Period of the visa that is going to be issued?

  • Whether the visa is able to be extended?

  • Whats the renewal condition of the visa?

  • Whether the work pass lead to Permanent Residency in Singapore?

Entrepreneurs and Foreign Professionals Work Permit Schemes

Employment Pass Scheme

The EP or the Employment Pass is the primary kind of work permit that is given to skilled employees or company workers who will be making a living in Singapore. They are required to have a fixed monthly salary of at least $3,600 and the good news is that there is no official quota system that limits the number of EPs a company can issue.

  • People who are eligible for EP are those who are company owners or professional staff with relevant experience and tertiary education.

  • The EP is valid for one to two years and can be easily renewed as long as the applicant continues working for the same company.

  • There is no quota system for EPs.

  • Those who have EPs are able to apply for permanent residence or PR.

Entrepreneur Pass or EntrePass Scheme

A variation of the Employment Pass, the EntrePass is a visa for owners of newly incorporated companies in Singapore, who wish to relocate to the country to operate their business.

  • The EntrePass is for people who wish to incorporate a new company or people who have just recently incorporated a new company in less than six months. The business must fulfill one of the criteria introduced in 2013.

  • The EntrePass is initially issued with 1-year validity and is renewable for as long as the business is viable.

  • There is no quota system for EntrePass.

  • Holders of the EntrePass work visa are eligible to apply for permanent residence or PR.

Personalised Employment Pass or PEP Scheme

A special type of Employment Pass, the Personalised Employment Pass or PEP, it is not tied to one particular employer. One of the biggest benefits of having this type of work visa is that it allows the pass holder to switch employers without having to reapply for a new work visa, as long as unemployment is shorter than six months. However, individuals with this Singapore work visa won’t be able to start their own companies and the government is quite strict with the eligibility requirements.

  • The PEP is for professionals who earn high salaries who want to work in Singapore for an employer but they are unable to start their own business.

  • The PEP is valid for three years and is not renewable.

  • There is no quota system for PEP.

  • Holders of the PEP work visa are eligible to apply for permanent residence or PR

S Pass Scheme

The S Pass is for mid-skilled individuals who earn at least $2,200. The applications for this type of Singapore work visa is based on the quota eligibility of the company and the qualifications of the applicant.

  • The S Pass is for mid-level technical staff.

  • The S Pass is initially issued for either one or two years but is renewable for as long as the applicant remains with the employer.

  • There is a quota system for S Pass holders. For more information, please refer to this computation for quote balance.

  • Holders of the S Pass are eligible to apply for permanent residence or PR

Miscellaneous Work Pass Scheme

The Miscellaneous Work Pass is given to foreigners who work in Singapore on short-term assignments. It is also issued to people who:

  • A foreign religious worker who wants to indirectly or directly talk about religion

  • Foreign journals who are not sponsored by any agencies of the Singapore government

  • Someone who is involved in activities or the organization or conduct of a gathering, workshop or seminar

Other information about the scheme:

  • Only for short-term

  • There is no quota system for the Miscellaneous Work Pass

  • Holders of the Miscellaneous Work Pass Scheme cannot apply for permanent residence or PR

Other Immigration Visa Schemes

Dependent Pass Scheme

This is a family relocation visa that is given to spouses and unmarried children who are younger than twenty-one years old of S Pass or Employment Pass holders who have a fixed salary of at least $6,000.

Permanent Resident Scheme for Work Pass Holders

Individuals who work in Singapore and have professional work passes can apply for permanent residence in due course.

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