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Different Types of Singapore Visa schemes available



As a leading financial and business hub in Southeast Asia, Singapore adopts an open immigration policies by offering different types of Singapore visas mainly to attract foreign professionals, business owners, high net-worth individuals and investors. Additionally, there are also Singapore family visa schemes catered to their family members as well as Singaporean’s spouse.

In this section, we are going to look into various Singapore visa schemes available and how can foreigners work and live in Singapore legally.

Firstly, there are a few things to consider before you proceed with applying your Singapore Work Pass / Visa:

1. Do you have a company sponsor?
2. Does the particular Singapore Work Visa requires quota?
3. Any levy required to be paid for the work visa?
4. Do you have the Right background (e.g. Education, Experience )?
5. Whether the visa you are applying for temporary or permanent residency?
6. Validity period of the visa that is going to be issued?
7. How can you extend the visa and any additional requirements for renewals?
8. Whether the work pass can lead to a Singapore Permanent Residency?

Let’s look further into all categories of Singapore Visa schemes below.

Employment Pass Scheme

The EP or the Singapore Employment Pass is a kind of work pass issued by MOM for foreign professionals, directors and corporate executive to work legally in Singapore. This work pass is targeted at mid to senior level executives who wish to work in Singapore. No quota required but company sponsor must show genuine reason for hiring the foreign employees instead of a local. 

The Entrepass or Entrepreneur Pass Scheme

The Singapore Entrepass scheme is granted to entrepreneurs or business owners who would like to operate or start their new business in Singapore. The entrepreneur pass scheme is targeting those highly innovative individual who has a creative (highly technology driven idea) business idea and the required business track records to setup their business in Singapore. There are also a various type of requirements within the entrepass scheme to look out for before you apply, especially the business milestone that the applicant must meet within 2 years of acquiring the visa.

Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) Scheme

The PEP work pass is for high income earners who would like to explore work opportunities in Singapore with the flexibility of securing the visa without a company sponsorship in Singapore. There are also other conditions in this work visa which you must note before you apply.

S-Pass Scheme

The S-Pass is a Singapore work visa for mid-level skilled foreign technical staff or junior executive. The minimum monthly salary for this work pass is 2,400 SGD per month and the sponsor company is subject to the foreign quota requirements depending on the industry sector.

Singapore Work Permit

This type of work permit is for unskilled to semi-skilled type of foreign employees. The main advantage is that there is no minimum salary set for the worker but quota is required for this type of work pass. Additionally, there are also other requirements for employer to handles like to accommodation of the employees etc.

Aside from the above work pass, there can be other work pass available catered to your situation. Especially for those consultants sent from an overseas company without local company to sponsor their work pass. Do not hesitate to discuss your case with our consultant so that they can do a detail analysis of your case and provide a visa solution catered to your situation.

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