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Why Is It Getting More Difficult to Secure an Employment Pass (EP) nowadays?

2019-06-10 | Posted by Default Admin User

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Global Investor Programme (GIP)

2019-04-01 | Posted by Default Admin User

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Top Benefits of Becoming a Singaporean Permanent Resident

2018-12-07 | Posted by Default Admin User

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Three Biggest Mistakes when applying for an Employment Pass

2018-02-08 | Posted by Default Admin User

For a long time, obtaining a Singaporean Employment Pass (EP) was relatively simple, as the government welcomed and relied on foreign workers. After July 2015, the EP process narrowed even further and began to focus on the company’s activities and the quality of the applicant. Read more...

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Enhancements to EntrePass Scheme Could Lead Singapore to be the Next Global Entrepreneur Hub.

2017-08-08 | Posted by Default Admin User

Effective Aug. 3, 2017, foreign entrepreneurs who were thinking of exploring EntrePass opportunities were given an extra push to get their businesses up and running in Singapore (SG).

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