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Significant and Premium Investor Visa Programs for Australia

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What Is Investor Visa Australia?

The Investor visa is developed for global investment giants and high net worth personalities who pursue getting involved on the ground floor of the Australian economy and settling in the country permanently through investment. The minimum investment that enables you to obtain the investor visa is 1.5M AUD. However, the larger investment you make, the bigger set of perks you are offered. Australian investor visa has several streams developed regarding the investment capital: significant (over 5 million Australian dollars) and premium (over 15M AUD) investments provide softer conditions for getting the permanent investor retirement visa for Australia. The significant stream is a pragmatic solution for people who seek for investment migration. 

Benefits of Business Immigration to Australia

  • Growing and managing a new or already established Australian business on initially agreed terms
  • Bringing you nears and dears down under as dependants
  • Travelling internationally without hassles on the border until the visa expires
  • Pursuing permanent residency or citizenship in due time

Types of Australia Investment Visa:

What Is Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188)?

Developed for top-tier successful investors, this Australia investment visa enables foreigners to bring their funds and expertise to the country by being engaged in a new or already established AU business. This provisional type of Investor Visa to Australia is given on temporary base for 4 years. After this visa expires and if the investment initiative turns to be effective and beneficial for the state, visa holders can upgrade to its permanent version – subclass 888. The temporary investor visa 188 is the first step of business migration to Australia.

The temporary Investment Visa offers 4 streams:

  • Australia investor stream is for personalities who are ready to contribute over 1.5M AUD to a new startup or already established AU business and be engaged in its management. Applicants must get the government’s nomination.
  • Australia significant investor visa (SIV) is for personalities who would like to funnel resources (over 5M AUD) into a new or already existing business and participate in its management. Applicants must get either the government’s or the Austrade’s nomination.
  • Australia premium investor visa (PIV) is granted for investors willing to contribute more than 15M AUD and be engaged in Australian business activity. Applicants must get Austrade’s nomination.
  • Australia Business Innovation visa is for talented entrepreneurs who think about establishing and running a business in AU. Applicants must get the government’s nomination.

Features and Benefits of Investor Visa Australia (188)

  • Investor Visa Australia minimum is 1.5M AUD
  • Visa 188 is granted for 4 years maximum.
  • This business visa doesn’t provide permanent residence on its own but acts as a mandatory condition for obtaining the permanent business visa (888).
  • Significant investor visa Australia (granted for 5-million investment) provides softer conditions for getting the PR for retirees.
  • Investors are allowed to funnel their resources into both new and already operating companies.
  • Holders can freely cross the Australian border unlimited number of times throughout the visa duration.
  • Temporary investor visa holders can take their families along to AU.
  • Provisional investor visa in Australia is being processed during 9 months.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Provisional Investment Visa for Australia

To participate in Australia investment immigration and get your visa approved, you need to satisfy such government’s investor visa requirements:

  • claim for the country’s sponsorship using governmental online skill system;
  • be no older than 55 YO (for outstandingly beneficial investments the government can make exceptions);
  • have a successful and faultless investment & entrepreneur profile;
  • get an approval of your investment skills by passing a special test;
  • be of good temper and health;
  • have the intention to invest over 1.5M AUD (or over 5 million for the SIV and over 15 million for the PIV) into designated Australian bonds before initiating your application;
  • have net assets and a business that are able to generate more than 2.25M AUD annually.

How to Apply for Business & Investment Temporary Visa 188?

Australian immigration investor visa application includes 2 basic steps:

Step 1. The applicant ought to register in the governmental online skill system called SkillSelect (submit your “interest” in the job on the website). In your claim, you should describe your business and introduce your future investment plans in AU. After the EOI is submitted, you must wait for the government’s response. Once you get invited to try your hand at the application, you can move on to preparing papers for your Australian investor visa.

Step 2. After the invitation was sent, the foreigner has a 60-day deadline for lodging the application. Missing deadlines jeopardises your case seriously. Involving a professional help not only saves you from tiresome paperwork but also guarantees that all necessary papers will be compiled and lodged accurately and on time.

For being considered, you must provide competently compiled documents that substantially prove all facts you mention in your Australia Investor Visa application. The more documents you send, the more chances your case has. All required documents must be in (or translated into) impeccable English. It is better to involve professional translation services for this paperwork. As you aren’t required to send original documents, certified copies must be prepared beforehand. If you aren’t certain you can manage this paperwork, contact our migration experts for assistance.

In case your case application was compiled professionally, the visa for your Australian investor immigration will be ready in approximately 9 months. Connect with our migration experts to find out how to avoid delays and shorten your waiting time.

How to Get Business Innovation & Investment Provisional visa?

The procedure of qualifying for this Australian business visa 188 entails filling in the forms and passing tests; it can be challenging if you go through them alone – without any expert assistance. It is crucial to compose a strong and well thought-out “Expression of Interest” because this document represents your business, skills, and motivation. To succeed, you need to promote your investment and business ideas as very innovative and beneficial for the local economy. You cannot change this data afterwards, and, therefore, it’s crucial to strategize it with a seasoned visa agent.

Our experts will help you in composing an outstanding EOI and assist in other preliminary paperwork. Please, enlist our Investor Visa specialists to develop a strategy that leads to your visa approval.

How to Renew Provisional Business & Investment Visa?

The visa 188 is granted for 4 years only and cannot be extended in the traditional meaning. If the investment shows good results and turns to be very beneficial for Australia, the investor can get his Provisional Investor visa upgraded to its permanent version – permanent investor visa (subclass 888).

What to Do if Provisional Investor Visa Application Gets Rejected?

Usually, if the application is strategized by a competent visa specialist and the paperwork was done in accordance to the latest government’s standards, such Australia Provisional Investor Visa application has a very little chance for rejection. Nevertheless, if the trouble happens, it is crucial to analyse the situation and find out the reason. The authorities usually explain the reason of refusal and your chances for getting your application reconsidered. If there is such chance for a review, the sponsor can proceed with preparing the appeal. The deadline for the appeal will be also announced in the refusal letter.

The appeal will have a chance for success only if the issue described by the authorities was carefully addressed and fixed. The appeal must contain documents that prove the change. For boosting your chance for getting your temporary investment visa for Australia approved, please involve visa consultants that are skilled in addressing any business immigration issue.

What Is Business Innovation and Investment Permanent Visa (Subclass 888)?

Visa 888 is an upgraded permanent version of the short-term Investor Visa 188. It is granted only to successful investors who have started their investment undertaking in Australia under the visa 188 earlier. If the undertaking you invested in has showed good results during the 4-year term of the visa 188, the investor can upgrade to the Australia visa 888 and get PR with all its perks. Obtaining the long-term investor visa for Australia is the final step of the immigration through investment.

Features and Benefits of the Business Innovation & Investment Permanent Visa

  • Visa lets you continue running your business or your investment activity within one of the 4 streams: business innovation, investment, significant investment or premium investment.
  • Permanent Investor Visa provides you and your family with lots of educational opportunities.
  • Holders of the visa 888 get access to Medicare (advanced national system of health care).
  • PR means more freedom for your business.
  • Eligible PR holders can upgrade to AU citizenship in due time.
  • Investors who shift to Australia on the permanent basis can travel internationally without visa hassles at the border (in 5 years, a special “return” visa will be required).

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Permanent Investor Visa

  • Investor must be still sponsored by the AU government.
  • Maximum age for the Australia immigration investment is 55.
  • Only investors holding visas 188, 444, or 457IE are eligible.
  • Investment undertaking for which your temporary investor visa had been issued has shown good results and you have met all requirements of your temporary visa.

How to Apply for Permanent Investment Visa in Australia?

For jumping over to the Investor Visa 888, there is no need to send the EOI using the governmental online skill system as you did for getting your temporary visa. Only in case you hold another visa (for example, 444) or would like to change the region that sponsors you, asking for sponsorship via SkillSelect is required again. The fact that the government still sponsors you (they haven’t withdrawn your nomination) is enough for your permanent investment immigration to Australia.

All required documents must be in (or translated into) impeccable English. It is better to involve a professional translation agency for this purpose. As you aren’t required to send original documents, certified copies must be prepared beforehand. Please contact our visa team for your personal Investor Visa 888 documents checklist.

If your application and the required papers were compiled professionally, your Australian Investor Visa 888 will be ready in approximately 9 months. Please, reach out to our migration experts to find out how to avoid delays and shorten your waiting time.

How to Get Business & Investment Visa for Australia?

To qualify for Australia visa 888, your application should be well thought-out to compete. You ought to provide competent documents that substantially prove all facts you mention in your application as well as the fact of your successful investment. If you aren’t certain you can handle this tiresome paperwork, boost your chances for Australia permanent investor visa approval by involving professional help that not only saves you from daunting paperwork, but also guarantees that your business success is decently represented and the papers are compiled and lodged accurately and on time.

How to Renew Permanent Investment Visa 888?

On its own account, Permanent Visa doesn’t require any renewal procedures if the foreigner never leaves the territory of Australia: PR never expires. But as investors/entrepreneurs need to travel internationally quite often, they need to save their PR status by getting a special Resident Return Visa. This procedure is needed only after the first 5-year term of the PR visa expires. To obtain the RRV and secure safe coming back to Australia, the foreigner must argue his/her 2-year presence in the country. It can be challenging because the entrepreneurs have to spend lots of time abroad. Regardless of your eligibility, we have another effective expedient such as building up your ties to the country and promoting the importance of your contribution to the state.

What to Do if Permanent Investor Visa Application Gets Rejected?

Commonly, if you have entrusted a professional migration agency with your Australia investor visa application and your papers were prepared according to the latest govt’s trends, rejection is hardly probable. If the authorities respond with a refusal, you still have a chance to save your visa by submitting a well-strategized appeal. Australian authorities explain the reason of their negative decision and the investor’s right to appeal in the rejection letter. If the appeal is allowed, the investor’s sponsor can move on to getting the papers ready for the submission. Please ensure you meet the deadlines set by the authorities.

Please take into account that the appeal will be successful only if the issue described by the authorities was carefully considered and addressed. New documents that reflect the change must be provided. To boost your chance for winning your permanent investment visa appeal, please enlist backup of professional visa consultants that are experienced in solving complex investment immigration issues.

What Is Business Talent (Permanent) Visa (Subclass 132)?

Along with investing in Australia, establishing and running a company on the business visa is another effective way of business migration. Designed for foreign business tycoons and high net worth personalities committed to utilizing their outstanding expertise in new or already existing Australia’s companies, this talent visa is granted on permanent base and requires sponsorship from the local AU government. Honoured businessmen are allowed to take their families to the country. The government, on its side, obliges them to take their net assets along as well.

There are 2 available streams within the permanent business visa 132:

  • Significant business program: for high-net entrepreneurs and business owners who plan to run companies in AU.
  • Venture capital program: for entrepreneurs who got funding (at least 1 million AUD) from the AVCAL (Australian Venture Capital Association Limited).

Features and Benefits of Business Visa 132

  • Holding Australia visa 132, a businessman can settle in AU and work in just established or already existing companies.
  • This business skilled visa allows studying and getting access to the Australia’s scheme of healthcare.
  • Family members you bring down under obtain a right to work and get educated in the country.
  • You can become a sponsor for your other relatives whom you’d like to draw to AU.
  • Despite this business visa to Australia is permanent, you can enjoy hassle free travelling and returning to AU only during first 5 years of your visa’s validity. After this period expires, you need to resume your right of return to the country by applying for a special “return” visa.
  • You may also be eligible for AU citizenship that will settle the issue with renewals once for all.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Australia Business Talent Visa

  • You must claim for the country’s sponsorship via the government’s online skill system.
  • Businessmen have to be no older than 55 YO (for exclusively beneficial businesses the government can make exceptions).
  • You ought to boast successful and impeccable business background (acceptable business activity only).
  • For significant business stream: net value of your family’s (legally acquired) assets is no less than 1.5M AUD (money must be transferred to AU during 2 years) and your company’s turnover is at least 3M AUD.
  • For venture capital stream: you’ve got at least 1M AUD from a venture capitalist of AVCAL for developing your business idea.
  • You ought to be committed to maintain the business’ ownership.
  • You are ready to devote your own time to the strategic management of your future AU business every day.
  • You are going to direct your company in a manner beneficial for the Australian economy.
  • You have a good temper and health.

Not all types of business automatically qualify for government’s sponsorship. Reach out to our visa experts to find out your business’ eligibility.

How to Apply for Australia Business Visa 132?

Step 1. You need to register at the government’s online skill system and lodge your “interest” in the job there. How to do it? You describe your business and explain how you see its future in Australia mentioning such details as regions you would like to work in, your employment and innovation plans, your net assets and how your expertise can boost the country’s business potential. The info you provide is very important because you can’t change it afterwards. That’s why you need to strategize such submission thoroughly.

Step 2. The authorities estimate your business talent proposal and make a decision about sponsoring you. In case they decide to give your ideas a green light, you receive their invitation to try your luck in this subclass of business visa in Australia.

Step 3. Being invited, you can come up with the BTV application in a 60-day term. If there are no issues with the documents, you can expect to find out the result in 12-week time or more.

How to Get Australia Permanent Business visa?

uccessful BTV processing requires filling out forms and completing surveys which can be daunting without involving a competent help. Your EOI must sound really outstanding in order not to get lost against the background of your competitors. This requires some profile-building and self-promotion skills. Reach out to our AU business visa experts to get assistance with paperwork.

You have only 60 days to collect all necessary documents, prepare an elaborate application and lodge them altogether. If you miss the deadlines, your claim for the job will be cancelled in the online system. If you aren’t sure you would handle all the paperwork in time, it’s better to involve visa specialists. Probably, you will need to have your documentation done beforehand (before receiving an invitation). It is better to get the whole application process handled by a visa guru from the first assessment and until approval to avoid mistakes in documentation and delays. The professionally completed application and polished documents reduce the processing time dramatically.

If you aren’t certain you can hit all of the Australia Business Visa requirements, please use our FREE assessment service and get guidance from expert Australia visa consultants.

How to Renew Australia Business Talent Visa?

Your PR visa never expires if you stay inside the country, but its re-entry component expires after the first 5 years of visa duration. So if you need to travel internationally, you must obtain a special Resident Return Visa to ensure saving your permanent status. To get the RRV and secure safe coming back down under, the foreign businessman must argue his/her 2-year presence in the country. It can be challenging as businessmen have to spend lots of time abroad. For such cases, our Australian migration team has developed another effective way to bring you back home: building up your ties to the country and promoting the importance of your contribution to the state. Please contact us for a timely RRV solution.

What to Do if Australia Business Visa Application Gets Rejected?

Refusal is hardly probable if you involve a professional migration agency for strategizing your Australia 132 visa application and your paperwork is done according to the latest govt’s standards. If your application was refused, you still have a chance to save your visa by submitting a competently strategized appeal.

Commonly, Australian government explains the reason of the negative decision and the businessman’s right to appeal in the rejection letter. If such appeal is allowed, the businessman can move on to getting the documents ready for the submission. Please ensure you meet the deadlines set by the authorities.

Ensure you address the issue described by the authorities carefully and provide new documentation that reflects the change; otherwise, your appeal won’t have a chance for approval. To boost your chance for winning your permanent business visa appeal, please enlist professional immigration services.

Why Use Help of Professional Lawyers or Visa Consultants?

To satisfy the Australian demanding authorities, businessmen/investors must prove that their outstanding business ideas and capital are highly beneficial for the country. This task requires strong profile-building skills and paperwork grip. Enlisting professional Australian visa services increases your chances in getting the nomination and the visa itself.

Consider leveraging One Visa’s full Australia investment migration service:

  • FREE ASSESSMENT of your business & investment eligibility
  • Guidance in preparing proper documents
  • Help in composing an outstanding Expression of Interest
  • Competent assistance of the Australian lawyer
  • Polishing your business/investment profile
  • Developing a comprehensive market study that proves your contribution to local economy
  • Substantiating your commitment to innovations within Australian business
  • Representing your investment potential at the approving authorities for getting sponsorship
  • Training you for passing qualification tests
  • Strategizing a prominent Investor Visa application
  • Monitoring your visa processing and letting you know when it needs renewals or upgrading
  • Assistance in upgrading to a PR/citizenship and getting RRV renewals in the future

Your investment breakthrough dramatically depends on your today’s investor visa choice. Share your unique situation with our migration experts to glean the best visa option for your skills and capital. Contact us for a FREE Investor Visa assessment right away!


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