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Renewal Procedures for Singapore Entrepreneur Pass

Navigating the renewal process for your Singapore Entrepreneur Pass can be straightforward with proper guidance. At One Visa, we specialize in providing detailed, efficient visa renewal services to ensure your entrepreneurial journey in Singapore continues without a hitch. This post will cover the essential steps and key resources necessary for a successful Entrepreneur Pass renewal. […]

Benefits of Global Investor Programmes

In today’s dynamic global landscape, discerning investors seek avenues that transcend borders, offering not just financial prosperity but also a tapestry of opportunities. At One Visa, we understand the immense potential that Global Investor Programmes (GIP) hold for entrepreneurs and investors seeking to expand their horizons. These initiatives offer a multitude of advantages, from enhancing […]

Singapore’s EntrePass for Global Entrepreneurs – 2024 updates

Singapore 2024 EntrePass Updates - A New Chapter for Global Entrepreneurs

As Singapore continues to refine its foreign manpower policies to attract global entrepreneurial talent around the world, the 2024 updates to the Entre Pass visa scheme, under the One-Visa, establish narrow and more focused criteria aimed at reinforcing Singapore’s  reputation as a global innovation hub. . As such, the Ministry of Manpower has made certain […]


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