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What Is Long Term Social Visit Pass in Singapore?

The Long Term (Social) Visit Pass is a special visa that allows informal spouses, parents or step/handicapped children (who do not qualify for the Dependant’s Pass) to join their supporter for the period of hi/her work visa validity. Given for 2 years with an opportunity of renewal, the LTSVP has a certain salary criterion applied to the breadwinner who invites and takes care of the family: the monthly income must be above 5,000 SGD (or 10,000 SGD for parents).

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for LTSVP (LTVP)

  • Only informal/common-law spouses, parents, and step/handicapped children under 21 years old can pretend to obtain the LTVP.
  • Working pass holder (PEP/EP/S Pass) who is going to sponsor their relatives has to be hired by a well-established Singapore-based firm.
  • Monthly income of the work pass holder must exceed 5k SGD (10k SGD for parents).

Features and Benefits of Long Term Social Visit Pass

  • LTSVP application can be lodged either by the working pass holder’s firm or an accredited visa agency.
  • LTVP is granted for 2 years and can be extended under the condition that the working pass holder still works at the firm. The term of extension can be either the same as the work pass validity or any other shorter term.
  • As the LTSVP is bound to a certain work pass, its duration will depend on this pass’ validity. Working pass cancellation means automatic cancellation of all LTSVPs attached to it.
  • Due to higher expenses older people require, the minimum income for taking care of parents in SG is higher (10k SGD) than for younger relatives (5k SGD).
  • Holders of LTSVP are allowed to be employed in SG if they can land a job. Their employers don’t have to fulfil any quota or levy criteria; it makes such employment beneficial for Singapore firms.
  • Work pass holder cannot include relatives eligible for the LTSVP to their PR application: they must get it based on their personal merits.

As almost all LTVP requirements refer to the working pass holder and the employer, the reason for the LTSVP rejection usually hides in the worker’s salary scarcity or company’s weak reputation at the authorities. Please take into consideration that the minimum qualifying income (5k SGD a month) can be relative: if you already take care of your family you invited on the Dependant’s Passes, the MOM may find your salary of 5k SGD insufficient for sponsoring another one relative.

If the hiring company is young and doesn’t have a significant track record or it doesn’t perform well on the local labour-market as an employer, the MOM may give rejection for its LTSVP application.

Anyway, all situations differ, and if the rejection happens, you should diligently deliberate the reason the authorities explain in the rejection letter. The issue described must be fixed and documents that reflect this change must be provided with the appeal. The employer/visa agent have 3 months to prepare new papers and come up with the appeal.

If you cannot address the issue and just re-submit the same information, such appeal won’t be successful. If you aren’t certain you are able to address the problem, it’s reasonable to outsource this matter to a visa professional that knows the ropes of the effective appeal.

Neither the working pass holder nor the eligible relatives can apply for the LTSVP; the application can be lodged only by the working pass holder’s employer or the visa agency entrusted with this task. Both manual and online applications are available; S Pass holders can participate only in online LTVP application. Online submission via the service EP Online saves time significantly (the result will be announced in 7 days) while the manual submission and processing is more time-consuming and takes 5 weeks.

The employer must apply for every family member separately. These LTSVP applications can be lodged anytime during the main work pass duration or in the very beginning – along with the work pass application itself. Once the LTVP is approved, the relative must arrive in Singapore in a 6-month term.

The company is required to provide exhaustive documentation about its business activity: these papers must be compiled in faultless English and according to the govt’s standards. If the employer isn’t certain in his company’s eligibility and that he would cope with the paperwork, it’s reasonable to involve an expert visa backup.

The government has recently increased salary benchmarks for the LTSVP. The privilege to take a family to SG now belongs only to those expats whose salary exceeds 5k SGD (it was 4k SGD until September 2015). The criterion for inviting parents skyrocketed from 8k SGD to 10k SGD. With such numbers, the requirements to the hiring firm are also maintained at the highest level. To avoid all latent risks, it is crucial to assess the situation at the competent visa advisor before starting the application process. The MOM’s criteria change from time to time; what is more, there are lots of other factors they don’t disclose. After a deep assessment according to the newest trends, the employer is able to fortify the company’s profile to get approval.

The visa can be extended in two ways: online using the account on EP Online (this option will be activated 6 months before the LTSVP expires) or manually (the employer fills up the form he receives by mail 3 months before the LTSVP expires; the MOM must get the documents no later than 14 days before the LTSVP’s expiry date). The main benefit of the electronic renewals is in their fast processing (7 days) in comparison with renewals made by post (5 weeks).

As the LTVP is attached to the main work visa, the term of its extension will depend on this visa’s validity. The LTVP can be extended for any shorter period as well. Renewals aren’t guaranteed based on the fact that the work pass holder still works for the firm. Lots of factors will be taken into consideration by the MOM including the employee’s salary (please be careful as this criterion may have changed since the last application) and the company’s economic performance. Please assess your case at the professional visa team before moving on to the application.

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