Singapore Investor Visa
Global Investor Program (GIP)

Criteria of the GIobal Investor Program (GIP) – Investment PR

What’s the GIP requirement?

Option A: Well- Established Business Owners

  • 3 years of entrepreneurial & business track record
  • You are running a company with at least 200 million SGD in yearly revenues;
  • You must hold at least 30% shares in the company if it is privately held; and
  • Your company must engage in at least one of the targeted industries

Option B: Next Generation Business Owners

  • Your immediate family should have at least 30% shareholding in the company;
  • You are running a company with at least 500 million SGD in yearly revenues;
  • You must be one of the management team of the company board; and
  • Your company must engage in at least one of the targeted industries

Option C: Founders of Fast-Growing Companies

  • You must be the co-founder/founder and the biggest individual shareholders of a company with at least 500 million SGD valuation;
  • Your company must be funded by a reputable Venture Capital / Private Equity Firm; and
  • Your company must engage in at least one of the targeted industries.

Option D: Family Office Scheme

  • You must have a minimum of 5 years of investment, business or management experience;
  • You must have a net investible asset of at least 200 million SGD.

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On normal circumstances, 9 – 12 months upon submission. In some cases, the application process can be more than 18 months.

Yes, unless he gives up his PR, but this can have negative impact on your PR. But there are ways to apply without your son.

You should review your case carefully before you proceed with an appeal and re-application. There is no negative impact for re-application but always ensure that you have value-add documents to provide before you re-apply.