Investor: Invest above 2.5 million SGD

Singapore Investor Visa - GIP Programme

The GIobal Investor Programme (GIP) is a Direct Permanent Resident Visa suitable for high-net worth individual would like to invest a minimum of 2.5 million SGD in a new/existing business or the GIP fund. Besides investing 2.5 million, you also need to meet other criteria as proof of your business track records.

Eligibility Requirements

  • 3 years of entrepreneurial or business track records;
  • You are currently running a business with 200 million sales turnover;
  • You hold at least 30% shares in the company if the company is privately held;
  • Your company must engage in at least one of the targeted industries.

Above are the general requirements for the GIP programme. If you do not meet the above criteria, you may look into the other investor visa program for entrepreneurs.

  • Passport Bio-data
  • Highest Education Certificate
  • Resume

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On normal circumstances, 9 – 12 months upon submission.
You need to show proof of investment prior to the issuance of the visa.
Yes, you need to meet additional requirement.


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