Company Representative

seeking to relocate your employee to Singapore

This is the most common and flexible work pass for foreign executives (e.g. professionals, managers, managers and directors) to work and live in Singapore. 

Even though there is no requirements to hire local for this category of pass, your company will still need to justify you the importance of hiring this foreign candidate instead of a local. You may also need to demonstrate that you did not put Singaporean at disadvantage when hiring this foreign candidate. 

To secure an employment pass, the candidate must also meet the salary and experience requirements. 


Employment Pass Eligibility Requirements

Our Process

How can we help you apply for Employment Pass?

Fill out The assessment Form

We provide you with a visa solution corresponding your profile & estimated application fee

We assist you with your visa application form filling & you get expert advice from our team

We proceed with your application submition & monitor its progress

Your receive the outcome notification & proceed to collect your visa


One Visa brings you the fastest, most efficient service in Singapore. With our self service system and expert knowledge on immigration.

On normal circumstances, 3 weeks upon submission. Additional 3 – 6 weeks for rejected and additional documents request case

3,600 SGD per month but will be increased to 3900 SGD in May 2020.


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