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Cyprus Citizenship By Investment

Cyprus Citizenship / Residency By Investment

Overview: What Is Cyprus Citizenship by Investment?

Cyprus Citizenship by Investment is by far the best and fastest immigration program in the world as it offers a wide range of benefits from the high quality of life to the ability to live in any part of the EU zone (only for the passport program).

On the Other hand, you can also opt for a cheaper option by investing a much low amount into a resident property to acquire a Cyprus Permanent Residency instead. Even though it has less perks as being a Cyprus citizenship, it is a pathway towards citizenship in the future.

Why Cyprus?

The Republic of Cyprus is a warm, welcoming Mediterranean island nation whose pristine beaches and sunny weather make it one of Europe’s top tourism destinations. Its reputation as a safe, developing and business-friendly place is fueling growth, success and investor confidence.

Since 2004, Cyprus has been a member of the European Union and since 2008, of the Eurozone. Investors seeking European opportunities are attracted by its location at the heart of Eurasia, its diversified economy and its EU/Eurozone status.

With low investment thresholds and no requirements to surrender your current citizenship or even personally relocate, Cyprus Citizenship by Investment is designed to attract direct foreign Cyprus investment, offering a straightforward citizenship process with all the advantages a low-tax, EU-affiliated republic can offer. Read further to learn more.

Cyprus Investment Citizenship Requirements

The government of Cyprus is actively pursuing direct foreign investment by offering incentives such as the Citizenship by Investment application process. You can become a citizen of Cyprus by meeting the criteria below.

2 million Euro Investments

Real Estate

150,000 Euro Donation

Clean Criminal History

Not Sanctioned by the EU

NOTE: You may meet these qualifications as an individual or through company/companies in which you are a shareholder or high-ranking manager.

An investment of at least EUR 2 million in the outright purchase or construction of real estate in Cyprus related to commercial, residential, or tourism development.

  • This criterion includes purchase of infrastructure
  • This criterion does NOT include the purchase of land. 


An investment of at least EUR 2 million in in the purchase, creation or participation in businesses or companies based and operating in Cyprus.

  • These companies must have a tangible presence and employ at least 5 Cypriot citizens.

You may meet the EUR 2 million threshold through the purchase of units from Alternative Investment Funds (AIF), which include:

  • Financial assets of businesses or organizations in the form of bonds, securities, debentures, etc. registered and issued in Cyprus and regulated by the Cyprus SEC.
  • Your investment may include purchase of special government bonds up to EUR 500,000.

You must purchase and be in lifetime possession of property valued at a minimum of EU 500,000 that will be declared your residence in Cyprus.

  • If you choose investment in real estate as your citizenship option, this property can be included in the required EUR 2 million investment.
  • If your initial citizenship investment is solely in residential real estate, there is no requirement to acquire a declared residence.
  • Following attainment of citizenship, you may sell one so-designated residential property and purchase any other, as long as the property meets the value threshold of EU 500,000.

You have the freedom to sell your main investment after three years, but you must retain property with a value of at least EUR 500,000 designated as your residence.

Additional 150,000 Euro donation to Cyprus Land Development Corporate & the Research and Innovation Fund

NOTE: You may combine these criteria in order to meet the EUR 2 million investment threshold for citizenship. However, any combination must include the ownership of real estate valued at EUR $500,000 as your residence in Cyprus
Other Requirements
  • You must have a clean criminal history
  • You must be a person not sanctioned by the EU

Benefits of Cyprus Citizenship by Investments

Citizenship in Cyprus offers many advantages, with no requirement to surrender your current status or residence. The Citizenship by Investment Program offers these specific benefits:


Visa-Free to 172 countries

Fast-track 3-6 months

No physical stay required

Flexibility to live in any part of Euro Zone

Low financial commit after 5 years

  • You may retain citizenship in your home country: Cyprus allows dual citizenship.
  • Fast-track process You will receive a European passport for yourself and your family in 3-6 months.
  • International visa-free travel As a citizen of Cyprus, you will have no travel restrictions or visa requirements within the 28-nation European Union, and you are eligible to apply for a visa to travel to more than 160 other countries.
  • Your family is welcome Your spouse, dependent children up to age 28 and your parents are all eligible for citizenship, though certain minimal requirements apply.
  • Your Cyprus citizenship is permanent Unlike long-term visas or foreign residency programs, you will never need to renew or reapply for citizenship.
  • No residency requirement You may obtain citizenship without being present in Cyprus or becoming a resident, though you are required to visit the country at least every 7 years. Immigration to Cyprus is not necessary.
  • Freedom of economic movement As citizens of Cyprus, you and your family may live and work within the EU, and also obtain an education. You gain the freedom to act upon the many opportunities presented by the free movement of goods, capital and services within the EU.
  • No language requirement or medical restrictions In addition, Cyprus does not require a pre-citizenship interview.
  • Advantages of Cyprus social/cultural environment. The nation’s long affiliation with Britain means excellent English language education is available, including at the university level. Cyprus offers high-quality health care, retirement options, a good working environment and growth prospects.
  • Financial flexibility You have the freedom to sell your main investment after three years, but you must retain property with a value of at least EUR 500,000 designated as your residence in Cyprus.

Visa Options for your family

Cyprus welcomes the family members of all who have opted for the Citizenship by Investment approach, you simply need to make sure you have adhered to the Cyprus citizenship requirements.
  • Spouse Your spouse can obtain citizenship under one application when you apply and qualify through the Citizenship by Investment program.
  • Dependent children Dependent children up to the age of 28 can also obtain citizenship under one application. For the purpose of this procedure, an adult dependent children are defined as:
    1. Undergraduate or post graduate university students up to 28 years old pursuing a first undergraduate or post graduate degree
    2. NOT studying to obtain a professional title, such as certified accountant or barrister.
    3. Students of foundation university courses which do not exceed two semesters may also qualify.
  • Legally incapacitated dependents Legally incapacitated dependents also qualify for citizenship under this category.
  • Parents Your parents may apply for citizenship provided they own a permanent residence in Cyprus worth at least EUR 500,000. You and your parents may acquire a single co-owned property for this purpose if it has a value of a least EUR 1 million.

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No. Via this program, you and your family will acquire the citizenship for life which can passed on for many generations.
5 years. After which, you can reduce your investment to 500,000 euro.
Yes. You spouse and your children (below 18 are eligible). Parents and grandparents are eligible too.
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