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What is Global Investment Program in Singapore?

The Global Investment Program is an investor visa that enables high-net personalities to get the Singaporean Permanent Residence for themselves and their families under the condition of making a minimum investment of 2.5M SGD. Singapore city’s investment potential praised as the “world’s best” in the BERI’s report in 2014, country’s political stability, low crime rates, tax benefits, and government’s co-investing initiatives make the Global Investor Program one of the most in-demand visas in the investment world. 

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Investor Visa

  • GIP implies investing a minimum of 2,5M SGD.
  • Money can be funnelled either into a new/existing company or into a special GIP fund.
  • Potential investors must boast at least 3 years of entrepreneurial success (verified by their firms’ financial statements for the last 36 months). Having an outstanding investment portfolio is a huge plus.
  • Last year’s turnover of the applicant’s firm must exceed 50M SGD. Average turnover of the last 36 months should be no less than 50M SGD.
  • As a shareholder, the applicant ought to own no less than 30% of his firm’s shares.
  • Applicants who plan to infuse their funds into a new/existing company must come up with a comprehensive 5-year business plan. After the Investor Visa approval, this investment plan must be carried out in 5 years.
  • Audited statements must be provided at the end of the second and the fourth year of the investment plan.


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Features and Benefits of Investment Visa

  • Investments in both new/existing firms and VC funds are possible.
  • The smallest investment that allows participating in the GIP is 2.5M SGD.
  • After approval, the announced investment must be carried out in a 6-month term.
  • Every Investor Visa applicant will have to keep a special appointment with the authorities.
  • Investor can get PR for himself and his family (spouse and kids under 21 years old) immediately after getting the approval of his GIP participation. In 24 months, such PR holders can obtain the status of Singapore citizens if they are willing to renounce their present citizenship.
  • Living in Singapore on PR visa implies getting the Re-Entry Permits extended every 5 years. The visa itself doesn’t expire if you never leave the country. But if you need to cross the border, REP extension will help you to save your PR status.
  • REP renewals aren’t automatic: except fulfilling criteria of your investment plan, you also must: hire at least 5 locals, spend over 1M SGD, and reside 2.5 years in Singapore.
  • Other family members such as an informal spouse, stepchildren, or parents can join the investor by getting Long Term Social Visit Passes.
  • PR for parents and in-laws can be obtained by making an extra investment (worth at least 300k SGD for each person).
  • Some companies/sectors can be ineligible for the GIP. Please inquire about the eligibility of the chosen company/sector during our FREE online Investor Visa assessment.
  • Minimum investments for different sectors vary: for example, for the construction investment, the Investor Visa would cost you 200M SGD.

Poorly represented investment portfolio or entrepreneurship background, unpersuasive business indices and chosen sector’s illegibility are the most popular reasons for the Investment Visa rejection. You can be a very successful entrepreneur/investor in your own country, but as Singaporean authorities know nothing about you, you must build your reputation from scratch by providing comprehensive documentation about your business. Criteria set by the govt are very high, and fulfilling them is almost impossible without a professional visa backup. Visa experts know the standards of how the investor’s business must be represented and what indices the papers must reflect, so rejections are hardly probable if the GIP application is elaborately strategized by a professional.

If the rejection is already a reality, you can bring your case to us for a deep analysis and re-considering of your application. We usually do not appeal the GIP application: re-application is much more effective. The best time to submit a new application is in 9-18 months after the rejection, so there is plenty of time for re-strategizing your case. After we investigate into your business/profile insecurity, we will be able to develop a new strategy, fortify your profile and come up with a new stronger application. Even in case your illegibility is really low and you cannot participate in the GIP, we can suggest you a couple of other ways how you can perform your investment in Singapore! Please bring your situation to us for assessment. Early assessment protects you from wasting your time, making pointless efforts and guides you to the right track.

Participating in the GIP requires a lot of paperwork and accuracy. The procedure isn’t about just one application but rather about a series of applications and actions that must be made to achieve the final approval and investor’s ultimate goal – permanent residency. Please make sure that the required papers and the investment plan are prepared according to the latest standards and polished. Involve a professional backup if you feel uncertain.

The potential investor must submit a package containing such documents:

  • Permanent Residence application that includes all eligible family members;
  • investment plan for the upcoming 5 years (for those investors who are going to contribute to new/existing companies);
  • Entry Permit application;
  • other supporting papers that reflect your business success (audited accounts, contracts, and so on).

GIP processing is very time-consuming: your documents will take the ICA up to 8 months to process. Of course, the velocity of the process totally depends on the quality of the documents you provide. If time is crucial for you, you can shorten the waiting period by enlisting a professional visa backup.

After the ICA announces a positive result, the investors must implement the required investment in no longer than 6 months. Please ensure you know how exactly the funds must be transferred; your visa agents can guide you in this matter. When the infusion of 2.5M SGD is performed successfully, the investor must provide the authorities with the documents that verify this investment and based on them, get the final PR approval. The visa consultants will instruct you in how to collect your PR card.

The problem of any business or investment application is that the government knows nothing about the foreign entrepreneurs/investors, and its officers assess foreign businesses based on the documents these businessmen provide. Singaporean government seeks for reliable and talented investors who managed to build their successful businesses up and can positively impact Singaporean entrepreneurial surroundings with their expertise and money. That is why the authorities are very exacting to new entrepreneurs and the claims they set up are stringent. The govt will analyse your business during 8 months to detect any possible insecurity; that is why to bear such scrutiny, one’s business documentation must be executed professionally.

If the investors decide to contribute their money to the development of new or already operating SG-based firms, they must come up with a detailed 5-year investment plan. It is not a formal document, but your real commitment. What is more, you will get renewals of your REP based on your faithfulness to this commitment. That is why the investment plan must be compiled reasonably and inspired by innovative approach.

If you feel that you need a professional backup in promoting your business and your innovative ideas, using expert visa service is recommended.

Get Professional Help to apply for Your Visa!

One Visa has helped thousands of clients to navigate the Singapore visa process achieving high success rate.

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