Cyprus Permanent Residency Program (FAST-TRACK) Via Investment

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Requirements for Cyprus Permanent Residency Program

  • a. Purchase a Brand New House or Apartment in Cyprus valued at 300,000 Euro (Excluding V.A.T.). The property must be sold for the first time (directly purchased from the Developer);
  • b. INCOME – You must show proof that you make an annual overseas income of 30,000 Euro
  • c. Bank Deposits – You have deposited at least 30,000 euro into a Cypriot Bank account pledged for 3 years
  • d. Additional annual income of 8,000 euro for Parents of Applicant to be eligble for Permanent Residency


Features of this Permanent Residency by Investment

  • No physical stay required, only need to travel to Cyprus once in every 24 months
  • The Permanent Residency is permanent with no expiry date
  • Your spouse and parent will be eligible for the Permanent Residency
  • No right to work in Cyprus
  • Possibility of obtaining Schengen Visa to Europe
  • Possibility of converting to Citizenship
  • Processing Time: 2 – 3 months


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