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Cyprus migration is potentially the best decision you could ever make if you intend to live in Europe - this is a warm, welcoming Mediterranean island nation whose pristine beaches and sunny weather make it one of Europe’s top tourism destinations.

The Cyprus immigration rules aren’t hard to work with, and It’s reputation as a safe, developing and business-friendly place is fueling growth, success and investor confidence. There’s no better time to make the move than now.

Immigration to Cyprus isn’t a difficult process, but you will need to adhere to the guidelines and rules laid out here fairly strictly if you want to make it as swift and hassle free as possible.

Since 2004, Cyprus has been a member of the European Union and since 2008, of the Eurozone. Investors seeking European opportunities are attracted by its location at the heart of Eurasia, its diversified economy and its EU/Eurozone status.

Whether you’re considering immigration to Cyprus for business or personal reasons; we’re sure you’re going to be thrilled by everything from the Cyprus investment opportunities to the carefree way of life this wonderful island offers.

Please ensure that you have thoroughly digested the immigration laws of Cyprus before you consider an application – this will undoubtedly make Cyprus immigration much easier on the whole and avoid any potential delays.

Once you’ve completed the process and your immigration of Cyprus is complete, we’ll look out for you on the sunny beaches! – Read on to find out everything you need to know to get started. 

Cyprus Dual Citizenship, no residency requirement

With low investment thresholds and no requirements to surrender your current citizenship or even personally relocate, Citizenship by Investment in Cyprus is designed to attract direct foreign Cyprus investment, offering a straightforward citizenship process with all the advantages a low-tax, EU-affiliated republic can offer.

Cyprus passport by investment is one of the most valueable migration program in the world as the program is guaranteed and the processing time is relatively fast as compared to other countries’ migration programs. The program is affordable and to those interested in citizenship by investment in Cyprus, this is an alternative means of accessing this wonderful island nation – ultimately, this is great for both you and their economy.

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Advantages of Cyprus Citizenship

Citizenship in Cyprus presents many advantages, with no necessity to give up your current nationality in your country of origin. Additionally, the Citizenship by Investment Program offers the following specific benefits:

  • Retaining your current citizenship in your nation of origin:Cyprus allows dual citizenship.
  • Quick Processing Timeline: You will get a European international ID for yourself and your family in 3-6 months
  • International visa-less travel : As a resident of Cyprus, you will have no travel confinements or visa necessities within the 28-country European Union, and you are qualified to apply for a visa to go to more than 160 different nations.
  • Your family is welcome : With a Cyprus investment citizenship your life partner, subordinate kids up to age 28 and your folks are on the whole qualified for citizenship, however certain minimal prerequisites apply.
  • Your Cyprus citizenship has no expiry date: With the Cyprus citizenship program not at all like long haul visas or outside residency programs, you will never need to restore or re-apply for citizenship.
  • No prerequisite on your residency in Cyprus: You may obtain citizenship without being available in Cyprus or becoming an occupant, however you are required to visit the nation no less than at regular intervals. Movement to Cyprus is a bit much.
  • Free Financial movement within the EU zone: As residents of Cyprus, you and your family may live and work within the EU, and furthermore obtain an instruction. You gain the flexibility to follow up on the numerous open doors exhibited by the free development of products, capital and administrations within the EU.
  • No necessity of learning or knowing local native Greek language: In expansion, Cyprus does not require a pre-citizenship interview.
  • Favorable and friendly Cyprus social/cultural/language environment :The country's long connection with Britain implies incredible English dialect instruction is accessible, including at the college level. Cyprus offers astounding medicinal services, retirement choices, great working conditions and development prospects.
  • Low Financial commitment with ability to dispose big portion of your investment in 3 years: You have the opportunity to offer your main investment after three years, however you should retain property with an estimation of EUR 500,000 assigned as your habitation in Cyprus (see necessities).

Obtaining Citizenship in Cyprus: Requirements

In case you're wondering how to get citizenship in Cyprus then this segment is for you (please take note of that the individuals who are wondering how to get north Cyprus citizenship, you can consult us for further information).

The legislature of Cyprus is effectively pursuing direct external investment by offering incentives, for example, the Cyprus citizenship by Investment application process. You can turn into a native by meeting the criteria underneath.

NOTE: You may meet these capabilities for the Cyprus citizenship scheme as an individual or through organization/organizations in which you are an investor or high-ranking director.

  • An investment of a minimum value of EUR 2 million in the inside and out to buy or for the development of land in Cyprus identified with business, private, or tourism advancement.

    • This standard includes purchase of infrastructure

    • This standard does NOT include the buying of land.

- OR-

  • An investment of at any rate EUR 2 million in the buying, creation or support in businesses or organizations based and operating in Cyprus.

    • These organizations must have a substantially close proximity to and utilize no less than 5 Cypriot subjects.

  • You may meet the EUR 2 million edge through the buy of units from Alternative Investment Funds (AIF), which include:

    • Financial resources of businesses or associations in the type of bonds, securities, debentures, and so on enrolled and issued in Cyprus and directed by the Cyprus SEC.

    • Your investment may include the buying of exceptional government bonds up to EUR 500,000.

  • You should buy and be in lifetime ownership of property esteemed at a minimum of EU 500,000 that will be announced officially as your living arrangement in Cyprus.

    • In case if you pick investment in land as your citizenship choice, this property can be included in the required EUR 2 million investment.

    • In case if your initial citizenship investment is exclusively in private land, there is no necessity to gain an announced home.

    • Following attainment of citizenship, you may offer one so-assigned private property and buy others, as long as the property meets the value of EU 500,000.

  • You have the opportunity to offer your main investment following three years, yet you should retain property with an estimation of in any event EUR 500,000 assigned as your living arrangement.

NOTE: You may combine these criteria keeping in mind the end goal to meet the EUR 2 million investment level for citizenship. However, any combination must include the responsibility for a domain esteemed at EUR $500,000 as your living arrangement in Cyprus

Other Prerequisites / Requirements

  • You should have a spotless criminal history
  • You should not be endorsed by the EU

By now, you should now better understanding concerning how to get Cyprus citizenship, in case if you have questions in obtaining citizenship in Cyprus, we are more than happy to assist you.

Kindly remember that in the event that you'd like the chance to come over with an accomplice, dual citizenship to Cyprus will be important.

Family eligibility

Cyprus welcomes the family members of all who have opted for the Citizenship by Investment approach, you simply need to make sure you have adhered to the Cyprus citizenship requirements.

  • Spouse Your spouse can obtain citizenship under one application when you apply and qualify through the Citizenship by Investment program.

  • Dependent children Dependent children up to the age of 28 can also obtain citizenship under one application. For the purpose of this procedure, an adult dependent children are defined as:      

    • Undergraduate or post graduate university students up to 28 years old pursuing a first undergraduate or post graduate degree

    • NOT studying to obtain a professional title, such as certified accountant or barrister.

    • Students of foundation university courses which do not exceed two semesters may also qualify.

  • Legally incapacitated dependents Legally incapacitated dependents also qualify for citizenship under this category.

  • Parents Your parents may apply for citizenship provided they own a permanent residence in Cyprus worth at least EUR 500,000. You and your parents may acquire a single co-owned property for this purpose if it has a value of a least EUR 1 million.

Overall, provided you have the right documents required to apply for Cyprus citizenship it’s going to be a fairly easy process. You can see our upcoming documents list for more information in order to get this part right. However, we have the most updated information from the Cyprus Ministry whenever there are new changes.

Cyprus Citizenship Application Process and Timeline

The Cyprus citizenship application process in regards to seeking Citizenship by Investment in Cyprus is logical and precise. At one-visa, you’re going to find nothing but exemplary service and the swift, meticulous handling of your information to get things absolutely perfect for you. We don’t believe in delays.


  • Submit original documents to the Ministry of Interior (see “documents” section for more information).

  • Include a submission fee of EU 2,000 at the time of application.

  • If you want to ensure that your spouse is able to receive citizenship status too you should do theirs at this time too, as part of one application.

    • Should the pair of you gain approval, you can go through the same mechanism for your child/children via the scheme to apply for Cyprus citizenship.

  • You’ve got to be in possession of a residence permit in Cyprus. Don’t worry if you’ve not currently got one because you can provide all of the necessary details for its acquisition when you go for your status.

  • The ministry of interior affairs is the individual who will be looking over / reviewing your details and if approved, forwarding them to the Council of Ministers for final review. All matters relating to citizenship are ultimately open to discussion and acceptance via the terms of this panel of ministers only.

  • If everything checks out and the Council of Minsters have every item they require, the process is complete and Citizenship by Investment is granted.

  • A time period of approximately 6 months is usually needed from submittal to final Council of Ministers action. If you’ve been asking the question “how long will it take to get the status of Cyprus citizen” then this timeframe is usually very accurate.

Relevant Documentation Needed For Applying For Citizenship In Cyprus

To get approval for your application, it’s imperative to have on hand all of the required paperwork ready for processing. This collecting of documents will be of critical importance. One-Visa can help you gain more precise understanding about these documents.

Required Documents:

  • A valid passport for all parties involved (if applicable).

  • Proof that there is no criminal activity associated with your name.

  • Confirmation that the necessary funds needed to immigrate are in your bank.

    • NOTE: Background inquiries to verify the legality of the funds is a routine part of the process

  • Documentation of your required declared residency in Cyprus:

    • A sales contract

    • Lands and survey department title deeds

    • Confirmation of the price paid for your land

    • Legitimate affirmation of a bank exchange of assets to the bank of Cyprus for the sake of the proprietor

    • A declaration from an autonomous surveyor affirming assessment

    • In the event that you obtained this property with another person, you should give affirmation of your marriage to them

  • Should your investment be classed as commercial or retail real estate or infrastructure:

    • Sales contract

    • Title Deeds / confirmation of Registration of the contract with the Surveys and Lands department

    • Some kind of confirmation showing the price agreed upon when purchasing

    • Wire transfer details showcasing the name of the seller with the funds being transferred to a Cypriot bank

    • Certification confirming an evaluation of value from a freelance surveyance specialist

    • Should the land be in a state of development, proof of investment and details of said investment will be need

  • If your financial interest is through purchase or creation or taking part in a business based and operating in Cyprus:

    • A sales contract

    • Paperwork showing the agreed price of purchasing

    • Paperwork issued by the companies registrar detailing shareholders

    • Proof of a wire transfer to a Cypriot bank featuring the name of the organisation / gathering of peoples

    • A plan detailing investments

    • Registration validation proof on behalf of the organization/organizations by the Registrar of Companies

    • Declaration of investors by the Registrar of Companies or endorsements confirming that you are the recipient proprietor of the organization/organizations

    • Evaluated records of the organization (or organizations) throughout the previous three years going before the time of the application.

    • On the off chance that you are a high-positioning senior supervisor, the accommodation of the business contract and the receipt from the Department of Inland Revenue.

  • On the off chance that your venture is in Alternative Investment Funds or money related resources of Cypriot organizations or associations authorized by the Cyprus SEC:

    • Title/Titles and other significant reports of the money related resources/units obtained

    • Duplicate of the wire exchange to a Cypriot business money saving foundation for the sake of the organization or the association

    • Particular venture design plan

    • Affirmation by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

In the event that your Investment is in government bonds:

  • Affirmation from the Public Debt Management Office for the acquisition of remarkable government bonds

  • Copy of the wire bank deposit into a record of the Treasury of the Republic of Cyprus

  • Proof from the Public Debt Management Office for the acquisition of extraordinary government bonds

  • Copy of the wire move into a monetary trust of the Treasury of the Republic of Cyprus

  • Depending on the nature of your investment, if you are submitting through company/companies in which you are a shareholder or high-ranking manager, some or all of the following documents may be necessary:

    • Registration of the organization/organizations by the companies registrar proof / affirmation

    • Declaration of investors by the Registrar of Companies or endorsements confirming that you are the recipient proprietor of the organization/organizations

    • Evaluated records of the organization (or organizations) throughout the previous three years going before the time of the application.

    • On the off chance that you are a high-positioning senior supervisor, the accommodation of the business contract and the receipt from the Department of Inland Revenue.

  • If the investment is made by the spouse of the applicant or jointly, a marriage certificate.

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