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What Is 457 Work Visa for Australia?

Australian work visa (subclass 457) is a temporary 4-year solution for a skilled foreigner who has got a contract from a certain approved Australian employer willing to hire and sponsor this worker. The visa is a perfect way to avoid messing with the SkillSelect system once there is an employer who lacks this foreigner’s skills. Nevertheless, obligatory condition for getting this kind of visa is the fact that the employer cannot find a fit for this job position among the citizens or permanent residents.

Australia Work Visa Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

  • Foreigner gets sponsored by a well-established and government-approved Australia company.
  • Skills and qualifications the foreigner possesses are sufficient for being appointed to a position.
  • Sponsoring company must prove that there is no good fit for this job position among the local talents.
  • Foreign worker must hold a valid passport.
  • This Australian work permit cannot be obtained by a foreigner whose present visa doesn’t provide a further stay.
  • Occupation the foreigner is nominating for must be from the government’s skills list.
  • Foreigner must speak English professionally. Non-English speakers will need to pass certain language tests.
  • Trade and some other professions might require undergoing a governmental skill assessment.
  • Foreigner who pursues this immigration work permit needs to have a full medical insurance unless his/her country has an agreement with the Australia’s Medicare.
  • Visa applicant is required to pass a medical. Every family member the foreigner is going to take along to Australia must also have a medical.
  • Visa applicant ought to fulfil character criteria (pass a psychological test).

If you aren’t sure you can meet any of these Australian work visa requirements or you need to find out more details about the criteria, please reach out to our Australian immigration work visa experts.

Benefits of Immigration Work Permit – 457 Subclass

  • Holder of the 457 Australian visa has a 4-year employment in the country.
  • This work visa for Australia enables foreigners to take their families to Australia with a bunch of educational and employment perks.
  • Holders of 457 work visa can travel internationally freely throughout the whole 4-year visa’s duration.

Both the Australian employer and the foreigner pursuing the subclass 457 visa take part in the application process: the employer applies for the right to sponsor the overseas worker and the latter applies for the Australian work visa itself. Both sides can lodge their applications in the same time.

Family members the foreigner would like to take along to AU can be also included in the same Australian work visa application. Members that can be taken are legal spouses and de facto partners, dependents (children and relatives). The work permit applicant must prove the relationship with these people and the fact of their financial support and sufficient insurance.

To get the nomination, the sponsoring company must provide comprehensive documentation that proves the firm’s business success: contracts, audited accounts, and so on. Every claim you make in your application must be supported by a relevant and professionally compiled document. Some of these documents may take lots of time to prepare according to the government’s latest demands, and, therefore, to avoid any risks, it is better to entrust a well-established visa agency with this paperwork.

Visa experts will not only shoulder your tedious business documentation but also strategize the whole visa processing and ensure both the company and the foreign employee fulfil the requirements and get decent representation at the authorities. We will help you to lodge both the sponsorship and the 457 work visa Australia application online to achieve the government’s acclaim in the shortest possible time.

After we have submitted your visa 457 application, you will keep you updated on the process and inform when the authorities require you to pass some additional tests or attend an appointment.

The reason for rejection can hide in the poor representation of the sponsoring company’s business activity or in the insufficiency of the foreigner’s skills. Commonly, if the employer enlists an expert visa backup for handling the Australia work visa application, refusal is hardly probable. Visa agents know all trends of the application process and are able to get the paperwork done according to the government’s high standards. They are also skilled in profile building and know how to promote a company’s or an employee’s merits in the documents.

Nevertheless, if the authorities’ response is negative, it doesn’t mean it is final, as, in some cases, the authorities may allow applicants to appeal the decision. The department of migration usually explains the reason of refusal and the chances for getting your Australia work permit application reconsidered. If there is such chance for a review, both the foreigner and the sponsoring company can proceed with preparing documents for the appeal. The deadline for the appeal will also be specified in the refusal letter.

The appeal will be effective if the government’s advisory is taken into consideration, the issue is fixed, and documents that reflect this change are provided. To boost your chance in getting your work permit for Australia approved, please involve backup of professional visa consultants that are experienced in addressing any work migration issue.

As the visa 457 implies no participating in the SkillSelect, you must squeeze the maximum out of the applications: they must be well strategized and contain sufficient arguments for this hire. The company must persuade the government that this overseas worker is irreplaceable in their location and no fit among the locals can be found. The foreigner must argue skills required for the position he/she is nominating for. The government expects you to provide certain documents that reflect your professional level. If you don’t know what kind of documents these must be or you have issues with promoting your skills, please get a piece of visa advice and full profile-building assistance from our visa experts.

The procedure of getting qualified for the visa 457 may include lots of tests and skill assessments (depending on nationality and the occupation). To ensure getting the best results, please enlist backup of visa experts who know the latest standards and can equip you with valuable instructions. They will also shoulder paperwork and prepare the applications that would represent the foreigner’s skills as crucial and beneficial for the local economy and the hiring company as a reliable employer.

The visa 457 isn’t extendable. It is granted only for 4 years (1 year for foreigners hired by startups).

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