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What Is Resident Return Visa Australia
(Subclasses 155 and 157)?

The Resident Return Visa (Subclasses 155 and 157) is a solution for permanent residents who would like to retain their status while crossing the border after first 5 years of their permanent visa’s duration. Former citizens of AU whose status was lost or renounced some day before can use this visa for resuming their status and the right of free entry to the country. The main condition for obtaining the visa is the capability to prove your presence in AU during 2 years of the last 5 or some significant relation to the country.

It often happens that ties or time spent inside Australia required for the 155 Resident Return Visa are insufficient, but, even in this case, you can be granted an entry visa 157 for 3 months which can be used for strengthening ties (landing a job or creating a family) to get qualified for the full-fledged visa 155. The extension under RRV visa 155 is valid during 5 years after which it can be renewed.   

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Australian Resident Return Visa

Commonly, to be granted visa 155, you must prove the minimum of 2 years which you have spent in Australia. If applicants can’t satisfy this criterion, they must argue that their absence didn't last longer than 5 years and that they have a relation to Australia which is beneficial for the country:

  • If you are an Australian businessman, prove your company is beneficial for the host country. It’s essential that your firm is well-established and legally operated.
  • If you are engaged in Australia’s cultural life, you must provide proofs of your activity (publications, media references, and so on).
  • You are hired (or offered a job) by an Australian-based company.
  • Having relatives down under or living elsewhere overseas with an Aussie are your chances to be considered if you manage to argue your ties and importance for the country.

If you aren’t sure you can prove that your absence in Australia didn't last longer than 5 years or that your ties to the country are strong enough, you can still be eligible for the RRV. Contact our seasoned visa agents to check your eligibility for resuming your entry to Australia. We will assess you for FREE according to the basic Resident Return Visa requirements, and you’ll find out whether you fit or not and how we can promote your relations to the country to boost your prospects.

Features and Benefits of Permanent Resident Return Visa

  • For those who can prove their presence in Australian during 2 years of 5, Permanent Resident Return Visa Australia gives another 5 years of legal and hassle-free voyaging overseas (leaving and entering the country limitless number of times). If you fail to argue your 2-year presence and your absence isn’t more than 5 years and you have relations to the country, you will be given only 3 months of free travelling on visa 157.
  • You can calmly keep on working in the country without worries about losing your job.
  • You save your status of the permanent resident and continue enjoying all perks it provides in Australia: healthcare, education, growing business and so on…
  • Members of your family must process the return visa for Australian residents separately – each for himself.

You need to start processing RRV 3 months before you plan to travel. You can apply for the RRV visa manually from abroad, but you must be also abroad when your return visa is being decided. To be more flexible and shorten the processing time, it is better to apply for the Australian Resident Return Visa online.

To get approval for your Resident Return Visa application, you need to prepare a lot of documents which can vary depending on your nationality. Ensure the documents you attach contain sufficient proofs for all facts you declare in your application. To avoid delays, you need to get your personal list of required papers and get them in impeccable order: in correct English and certified (if you use copies).

If you aren’t sure you can manage the Australian return visa online application, please contact us to get a piece of expert visa service. Our RRV Australia agent will help you to do your paperwork and lodge your Resident Return Visa application in time. Even if the period you spent down under in insufficient, you can still become eligible after our visa team strengthens your ties.

Commonly, if the RRV application is strategized by an experienced visa agent and the papers are compiled in accordance with the latest authorities’ standards, rejection of your Australian Resident Return Visa application is hardly probable. Nevertheless, if the government announces a refusal, it is important to analyse the situation and find out the reason. The government usually explains the reason of refusal and the chances for getting your RRV application reconsidered. If there is such chance for a review, the applicant can proceed with preparing the appeal. Please take into account the deadline for the appeal that will be also described in the refusal letter.

The appeal will have a strong fighting chance only if the issue described by the government was carefully addressed and fixed. The appeal must contain documents that argue this change. For boosting your chance for getting your Resident Return Visa for Australia approved, please involve visa consultants that are skilled in addressing any PR migration issue.

You need to start processing your RRV 3 months before you plan to travel; however, we are skilled in providing compelling solutions in urgent cases as well. Even if you left the country many years ago, you still have chances for the return. One Visa agency offers a comprehensive service in building up solid ties, preparing necessary documents, and handling Australian Resident Return Visa online application process. We work in a team with a registered Australian migration lawyer for strategizing your visa application.

To get the Australian Resident Return Visa for permanent residents, you must argue your physical presence in the country during at least 2 years (within the last 5). It may be challenging, but not when you enlist a backup of a seasoned visa team. Our migration experts and lawyers have developed another effective ways to bring you back home: building up ties and boosting your significance for the country.

To become eligible, you will need to prove:

  • Business relation: if you own a firm in Australia, you must prove its advantages for the AU economy and your executive importance. The business must be registered, profitable and keep the record of activity.
  • Cultural relation: if you are involved in intellectual, sporting, artistic, and other cultural spheres of life in the country, you must prove your activity (provide your publications and performances spotted by media or argue your membership in organizations).
  • Employment relation: you must prove that you are either hired or offered a job down under.
  • Personal relation: if you have a family in Australia or you have lived elsewhere abroad with an Australian spouse, you must argue you are a significant personality for the country.

We will find the best argument to bring you back home and strategize your Australian Resident Return Visa Online application.

To maintain your Permanent Resident status while travelling internationally, you must get your return visa renewed every 5 years. Requirements for the Resident Return Visa renewal are the same as for obtaining the visa. Please ensure you make the extension procedure before your visa expires; otherwise you may have problems with coming back to AU. If you entrust our expert visa team with your RRV extension, we will handle your paperwork, prepare a strong application and do the submission in time to ensure you don’t face any hassles while returning home.

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