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What Is Australian Permanent Residency?

Permanent residency is a class of Australian visas that offers a full-fledged and restriction-free access to living, working, investing and studying down under. You mustn’t necessary have an experience of working in AU or ties to the country for getting PR in Australia. Many visa subclasses open the door to permanent residency; however, each scheme requires an individual approach and elaborate strategizing. Does Australia sound like your ultimate destination? Reach out to us for competent advice.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Australia Permanent Residency

Every visa subclass has its own Australian PR requirements, so depending on the category you choose, criteria you must meet will be different. However, these requirements are mutual for all schemes of PR for Australia:

  • sponsorship of the government, Australia-based business or a partner;
  • expressing your interest in the job via governmental online skill system and receiving an invitation (for investment and business permanent visas);
  • the age under 55 years old;
  • meeting English language requirement (must be verified by a test);
  • meeting temper and health requirements.

Benefits of Australian PR

Becoming an Australian permanent resident, you get access to such perks:

  • You can jump from Australia PR to Australia citizenship if eligible.
  • You can sponsor your other relatives and draw them to the country.
  • Your kids become citizens automatically if they are born in Australia.
  • After getting permanent residency in Australia, you get access to the full line of job positions (only a few are marked as “for citizens only”).
  • Educational institutions are open to permanent residents and their families.
  • Permanent immigration to Australia grants access to governmental healthcare (Medicare) and security programs.
  • Permanent resident of Australia can enjoy visa-free entry to New Zealand along with the right to stay there indefinitely for working and studying.
  • 5-year traveling period is attached to your Australia PR; you can extend it by getting a “return” visa.

Permanent residency to Australia doesn’t put its holders on the same footing as the citizens. A permanent resident in Australia will have some restrictions:

  1. Unlike citizens, permanent residents can’t save their status automatically when they return after travelling. Such right is initially provided by the Permanent Residency for Australia only for 5 years, but later you will need to have a Resident Return Visa to ensure your right to return.

  2. Unless permanent residence was obtained before the 25th of January 1984, its holder doesn’t have a right to vote in Australia.

Types of Permanent Resident Visas in Australia:

What Is Australian PR with Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) Visa (Subclass 888)?

Permanent visa 888 is a perfect solution for top-tier investors who pursue investment migration to Australia. The visa 888 is granted to successful investors who have maintained their financial infusions and business activity in Australia during 4 years of their short-term investment visa 188. Showing prominent business effectiveness is a mandatory requirement of such visa conversion. Getting the Australian permanent visa 888 is the final stage of the investment migration.

Features and Benefits of PR through Investment Visa

  • After you have established your investment activity under one of the streams of the visa 188 (investment, business innovation, significant investment, or premium investment), permanent visa enables you to maintain and develop your business in the country.
  • You and your family members can enrol at national educational institutions.
  • Permanent residents holding the visa 888 have access to Medicare (national health care).
  • Australian PRs get a full freedom for developing their businesses.
  • Some holders of the PR visa can get the status of the citizens in due time.
  • Investors who move to Australia permanently can cross borders freely; however, in 5 years, a special “return” visa will be needed to save the PR stats while travelling.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Australian PR through Investor Visa

  • Only foreigners holding visas 188, 444, or 457IE can get qualified for the visa 888.
  • Governmental sponsorship of the foreign investor must be still active.
  • Investor shouldn’t be older than 55.
  • Investment established under the temporary investor visa 188 has met all government’s criteria and been successful.

How to Apply for Permanent Residency in Australia through Visa 888?

To convert the temporary investor visa (188) into the permanent one (888), a foreign investor isn’t required to send the “Expression” of his interest like it was done for getting the short-term investor visa. You need to submit your interest using the SkillSelect system again only if you need to change the region of sponsorship or if you hold the visa 444. If the government hasn’t withdrawn its sponsorship from your business, you are eligible.

To apply for the permanent residency visa 888, you must submit documents that prove your business success. Sometimes such documentation takes a long time to prepare. Please ensure the papers are compiled in English and according to the governmental standards. If you need help in representing your business achievements in the papers required by the government, please involve an expert visa team that is seasoned in business paperwork. After the visa professional gets your paperwork polished and your application submitted, the processing of the visa 888 takes approximately 9 months.

What to Do if Permanent Residency Investment Visa Application Gets Rejected?

Refusal isn’t likely if your Permanent Investor visa application was handled by a visa professional who prepared your business documentation according to the latest standards. If you have failed with your PR visa application and the government made a negative decision, you still have a chance to get your PR application reconsidered. In most cases, the government allows submitting an appeal.

From the governmental refusal letter, you will find out whether you have a right to appeal or not and the deadlines for doing it. The authorities will also inform you the reason of their negative response. If appealing is permitted, the investor can proceed with preparing an effective appeal. To make it really effective, the problem must be fixed and exhaustive documentation that reflects this change must be provided. To ensure you meet the deadlines and submit a really strong appeal, enlist a professional visa backup. Find out how to get the permanent residency at the first appeal during our FREE assessment for Australian immigration.

How to Get Residency in Australia using Investor Visa 888?

To get qualified for the Permanent Investment visa, your application must be well strategized in order to compete with other counterparts. The investor must come up with papers that prove the fact of his investment’s success and promote the investor’s valuable skills. If you aren’t sure you are strong in profile-building and business paperwork, enlist an expert investment migration backup.

How to Renew Permanent Residency visa 888?

Australian permanent visas have unlimited validity inside the country, but their re-entry component does expire. As investors usually travel a lot, they must get their right of re-entry renewed. Every permanent visa has only 5-year travel duration; before this term expires, the investor has to get a special Resident Return Visa to get the right to come back to AU as a permanent resident. The Return visa is given for a 5-year period after which it must be renewed. To obtain (renew) the return visa, a foreigner must argue the presence in the country during 24 months. It can be challenging in some cases as some investors spend a lot of time abroad, but our visa consultants have developed another effective method to boost your RRV eligibility – substantiating your relation to the country.

What Is Employer Nominated Permanent Residence Visa Scheme (Subclass 186)?

Foreign talents whose skills were appreciated by the local employer can be hired under the Employer Sponsored Visa. Being permanent, this subclass 186 requires sponsorship (nomination) from the Australia-based employer and embraces such situations:

  • Temporary residents whose experience of working in Australia under a work visa is 2 years and more and whose employers would like to hire them permanently can get permanent residency Australia using this scheme.
  • Foreigners who have never (or briefly) worked in Australia can apply for permanent residency Australia through the direct entry stream of the visa 186.
  • Overseas skilled workers having labour agreement with their Australian employers can also apply for permanent residence using subclass 186.

Features and Benefits of Employer Nominated PR Visa

  • Permanent visa gives you a hassle-free entry to Australia during 5 initial years. To get this right of re-entry prolonged, you need to get a special “return” visa by proving your stay in AU during 2 (of those initial 5) years. When you need to cross the border, ensure your “re-entry” is valid. Keep your “return” visa updated to guarantee you safe coming back.
  • Holders of permanent visa 186 have access to the Medicare (advanced national system of health care).
  • Your family members get access to lots of employment and educational opportunities.
  • You can qualify for the citizenship after you have stayed in the country for a certain period of time. Connect with our visa experts to find out your citizenship eligibility.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Permanent Employer Nominated Visa

  • Sponsorship of the Australia-based employer
  • The age of less than 50 YO
  • Passing subclass 186 skills assessment and getting a positive feedback
  • Work expertise in your profession is 3 years and more (for subclass 186 direct entry stream only)
  • Having a profession from the Employer Nomination Scheme occupation list
  • Advanced command of English proved by a test (applicants from English-speaking countries are exempted)
  • Both the worker and the employer must ensure they will maintain employment relationship for no less than 2 years
  • Meeting temper and health requirements
  • Applying for the certain stream of the subclass 186 you were sponsored for

If you aren’t certain you are able to fulfil any of these Australian permanent residency requirements, please reach out to our immigration agents for Australia to get your situation assessed for FREE.

How to Apply for Permanent Residency in Australia on visa 186?

Employer Nominated Visa must be applied for in 2 stages:

  1. Worker gets nominated by the employer.
  2. Australian permanent residency application (under visa 186) is lodged.

All passed tests, assessments and medicals must be verified by proper and relevant documents. Foreigners who provide more information about themselves are at an advantage. Filling of the Australian PR application form must be done carefully and accurately. All papers must be in (or competently translated into) English and meet government’s regulations. No need to send original documents for your Australia permanent residency application unless it is required; in most cases certified copies are more than enough.

Australia uses an electronic system for document submission, so sending your papers physically isn’t required. If you aren’t certain you would manage online application for permanent residency in Australia, engage the help of professional migration agents to avoid pitiful mistakes. Each nationality and employment situation (stream) requires a unique set of documents. In order not to get puzzled, contact our Australia migration agency for your personal visa 186 document checklist.

After applying for permanent residency in Australia, you will need to wait approximately 3 to 8 months to find out the result. Faultless application, correct documents and meeting Australian immigration requirements are keystones to faster approval of your permanent move to Australia which is easily achieved if you rely on professional migration team.

What to Do if Application for Australian Permanent Residency Gets Rejected?

If you get your PR application (visa 186) rejected, it doesn’t mean it is a final decision, as in some cases the authorities give your visa application a chance to be reconsidered. In the refusal letter, you will find all necessary information such as: why your PR visa was rejected, whether you are allowed to appeal or not and the deadlines for such appeal.

It is crucial to mind the government’s advisory carefully and these deadlines as well as to fix the problem. If you fail to address the issue and provide comprehensive documents that reflect this change, your appeal doesn’t have a fighting chance for approval. To boost your prospects for approval of your permanent migration, expert Australian migration services are recommended. You can get full Australian immigration backup in our one-stop visa team.

How to Get Australian PR under Employer Nominated Visa?

How does the Employer Nomination Scheme work? The first step in it is getting sponsored by your employer. After your boss submits your nomination, you are given half a year to apply for the subclass 186. You can’t apply for PR in Australia under this visa before your boss asks for the nomination for you.

All statements you make in your PR application must be substantiated with relevant documents. Some docs may take bags of time to compile, and, therefore, we encourage you to start preparations early and involve professional Australia immigration consultants for guidance in paperwork.

Right after your provide our agents with all required documentation, we will compile a distinguished PR application and handle online submission. Using expert help and our Australia immigration assessment guarantees better communication with the government which in turn leads to more straightforward consideration and faster Australia Permanent Residency Visa approval.

How to Renew Permanent Visa 186?

Like all AU permanent visas, permanent visa 186 provides you with only 5 years of free travelling period. It guarantees you crossing Australia’s border without any visa hassles and coming back down under with saving your PR status. When this period is about to end and if you plan to travel in the near future, you need to undergo a permanent residency renewal Australia by obtaining a special Resident Return Visa. This solution prolongs your right to travel with holding your PR status for another 5 years. Nevertheless, if you aren’t going to travel outside of Australia, permanent residency renewal isn’t needed for you, as your PR visa has limitless validity inside the country.

What Is Australian PR with Business Talent (Permanent) Visa (Subclass 132)?

Setting up and running a firm in Australia is one more solution for entrepreneurs who pursue the permanent business migration. Visa 132 was developed for successful businessmen and high-net-worth personalities that aim at contributing their prominent business expertise to developing new or existing AU-based companies. The permanent business talent visa requires governmental sponsorship. Entrepreneurs holding this visa can take their families to the country under the condition that they also take their net assets along.

You can get the Permanent Business Visa under such 2 schemes:

  • Significant business scheme for entrepreneurs willing to do business in AU.
  • Venture capital scheme for businessmen who were granted funding (1 million AUD or more) from the Australian Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL).

Features and Benefits of Permanent Residency under Business Talent Visa

  • Holders of visa 132 can settle down in Australia and work in new or already operating companies.
  • Permanent visa enables its holder to study in AU and get enrolled at the Australia’s scheme of healthcare.
  • You are able to sponsor your relatives and invite them to AU.
  • Your family members can work and enrol at the country’s educational institutions.
  • Business visa has unlimited duration inside the country; however, its re-entry permit is valid during only 5 years. Before this term expires, a permanent resident has to get a special “return” visa to continue traveling internationally with saving the PR status.
  • Obtaining AU citizenship is possible under certain conditions.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Permanent Business Visa

  • You must register in the governmental online skill system SkillSelect and claim for the country’s sponsorship.
  • Maximum age for businessmen is 55 YO (the government can make exceptions for really advantageous businesses).
  • Foreigner must have an outstanding and successful entrepreneurship background.
  • For significant business scheme: your family’s legal net assets you are going to transfer to AU in 2 months must be no less than 1.5M AUD and your firm’s turnover must be over 3M AUD.
  • For venture capital scheme: AVCAL grants you over 1M AUD for growing your business.
  • You are committed to be the owner of your business.
  • You are willing to contribute your daily time to your AU-based company’s management.
  • You don’t have problems with health and your psychological portrait is acceptable (you will pass a test).

Please take into consideration that not all kinds of businesses are eligible for this permanent visa. Check your permanent residency eligibility for FREE with our Australian visa experts.

How to Apply for Australian Permanent Residence through Business Visa 132?

Stage 1. Foreigners pursuing this permanent visa are required to register in the governmental skill system and “express” their “interest” there. In your expression, you should describe your entrepreneurial background, family’s net assets, your advantageous skills and business plans for Australia. You must strategize this “expression” carefully as you cannot change the data you provide later, so this is your ultimate starting point. If you aren’t sure you can be enough persuasive, enlist a professional visa backup.

Stage 2. The government considers your proposed expertise and decides whether to sponsor you or not. If their decision is positive, they will send you an invitation to try your wings in the Permanent Business Visa application. This invitation doesn’t guarantee you a visa approval.

Step 3. You must come up with the visa 132 application in a 60-day term. If you provided high-quality papers, the result will be announced in 12 weeks or more. The velocity of the visa processing depends on the quality of your documents and argumentation, so please involve visa experts to get the positive visa result in the shortest time.

What to Do if Permanent Residency Business Visa Application Gets Rejected?

Refusal isn’t likely if your Permanent visa 132 is strategized by visa professionals: they know the latest standards and are highly skilled in business documentation and profile-building. If you have received the government’s negative response, don’t hesitate to bring your case to visa experts, as, in most cases, the rejection can be successfully appealed if handled by an experienced visa consultant.

In the rejection letter, the authorities explain not only the reason for rejection but also your chances for appealing it. If you are given such opportunity, please don’t miss your chance because appeals have certain rules of effectiveness. First of all, the problem described by the authorities must be fixed and documentation that reflects this change must be prepared. You must also meet the deadline set by the government; otherwise, you will miss your chance to appeal and will have to start the application procedure from the very beginning. Ensure you meet the appeal requirements and boost your prospects for approval by enlisting an expert visa backup.

How to Get Permanent Residency for Australia Using Visa 132?

Successful processing of the permanent visa 132 includes composing an outstanding “Expression”, handling business paperwork, passing tests, medicals and submitting a well-reasoned application. Some of these tasks require strong paperwork and self-promotion skills. If you aren’t strong in this stuff, please enlist a visa professional that knows all angles of the PR application procedure and get suggest a tailor-made winning solution.

How to Renew Permanent Business Visa 132?

Permanent visa doesn’t expire on its own, but its re-entry permit that is valid during only 5 years expires and, therefore, must be renewed. This right of re-entry is needed when a permanent resident travels abroad and comes back to Australia: if the re-entry is expired, the resident may lose his/her permanent status. To avoid such unpleasant situations, permanent residents must get a special “return” visa that gives the right of re-entry for another 5 years and can be extended every 5 years. You don’t get this return visa automatically: for saving your PR status, you need to prove you have stayed in AU at least 24 months of those 5 years. This can be challenging as entrepreneurs usually spend a lot of time abroad. For such cases, our visa experts have developed another effective way to help you in obtaining the return visa – substantiating your relation to the country. Please get in touch for a FREE and competent assessment of your PR renewal eligibility.

What Is Australian PR through Onshore Provisional Partner Visa (Subclasses 820 and 801)?

If a foreigner that stays in Australia has an AU-based official spouse or de facto partner, he/she can obtain permanent residency through this relationship in 2 stages: at first, the overseas partner gets the temporary onshore partner visa (820) that gives a 2-year stay and then if the relationship turns to be strong after this period, a permanent partner visa (801) is granted to the foreigner. You can apply for both visas being in Australia.

Features and Benefits Temporary/Permanent Partner Visa 820/801

  • Australian partner must be either AU/New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident.
  • Foreigner can work and study in the country and cross the border freely during 2-year visa duration.
  • Australia-based partners are obliged to sponsor their foreign partners during these 2 years.
  • Overseas partner must stay in AU when applying for the visa.
  • Foreigner holding visa 820 can get access to Medicare (Australian health care system).
  • Dependent children can also be included into the applications for visas 820 and 801.
  • In some cases, the PR visa can be granted even if your relationship ends.

Australian PR Visa 801 gives you such privileges:

  • You can stay in AU indefinitely.
  • Being considered a local, you get access to a wider range of jobs.
  • PR visa 801 holders can study in AU.
  • Getting the status of the citizen is possible under certain conditions.
  • You can invite your eligible foreign family members to Australia and act as their sponsor.
  • You can get social payments as a permanent resident.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Permanent Residency through Visa 820

  • The minimum age for both partners is 18.
  • Australia-based partner must be either an AU/New Zealand citizen or a holder of the permanent visa.
  • You both are committed to each other and ready to maintain a supportive relationship not depending on whether you are already married or not.
  • You have a lasting and genuine (not pro forma) relationship.
  • You are ready to provide evidence (history) of your true relationship.
  • You are married legally or you have lived no less than a year together (must show evidence).
  • If one in the couple was once married, provide divorce or ex-spouse’s death documentation.
  • You must be of good temper and health.

How to Apply for Australian Residency under Temporary Visa 820?

Foreigners can lodge their temporary and permanent visa applications in the same time, but the permanent visa will be decided in 2 years after the couple fulfils certain criteria. The foreign partner must apply for the visas being in Australia; he/she must also be in the country when the visa is decided.

Foreigners should prove all facts they mention in the applications with professionally compiled and relevant documentation. The more arguments you provide, the stronger your chances for the approval are. Do not mention details you cannot prove. The government requires that the papers you submit are in English, so you should use professional translation services if needed. Do not attach original papers: certified copies are usually enough, and in case an original document is needed, the authorities will ask about it directly. Ensure the application forms are completed thoroughly, paperwork is done according to the government’s demands, and that you lodge your documents online correctly.

If you aren’t certain you will handle applying for permanent residency online, please entrust a visa professional with this task to avoid mistakes. Our Australian immigration consultants will help you to gather enough pieces of evidence for a well-reasoned Australia PR application.

What to Do if Visa 820 Application Gets Rejected?

Rejection is hardly probable if you involve expert visa backup: migration consultants are able to assess your Australia PR eligibility and develop a winning strategy for your visa 820 and visa 801 applications. The rejection usually happens if the couple fails to prove their relationship by providing comprehensive documentation. To avoid refusal that extends the time you must wait for another attempt and your separation, it is wiser to get the help of a visa expert for strategizing applications for your Partner Provisional and Permanent Visas.

If you have already faced a rejection, there is still a chance for grasping the permanent residence because in some cases the authorities give the couple an opportunity to appeal the visa decision. The reason for refusal and details about the appeal (if you are given this opportunity) are explained in the rejection letter. If you are given a right to appeal, make sure you understand the issue that caused rejection and that you can solve it. Do not appeal blindly without getting the issue fixed as this way you may face another rejection. Please book a FREE Australian immigration assessment to find out how to get Australian residency in your particular case.

How to Get Permanent Residency in Australia through Visa 820?

Although the foreign partner can submit his/her applications for the provisional (820) visa and permanent (801) visa in the same time, processing of the permanent one is delayed 2 years: this way the government tests your relationship for genuineness and stability. In order to grasp the provisional and then the permanent visa, the couple is required to provide weighty arguments of the seriousness of their relationship as well as work on this relationship during the 2-year term of the provisional visa. If you doubt that you are able to collect such evidence, don’t hesitate to use expert Australia PR visa consultancy. We will do our best to find the best arguments that will help you to get a permanent base for your relationship.

How to Renew Temporary/Permanent Onshore Partner Visa?

The provisional visa 820 is the first step in the scheme that allows a foreigner to get a permanent visa (subclass 801). You cannot renew the provisional visa after its 2-year term expires, but you can convert it into the permanent visa under certain conditions.

After you grasp the PR in Australia under visa 801, your stay in the country is unlimited; however, if you travel abroad, you must get your re-entry permit renewed every 5 years by getting a special “return” visa and keeping it renewed. To get the return visa after the first 5 years of your PR in Australia expire, you need to argue your stay in the country during no less than 2 years or having significant relations to the country. You can get your PR visa renewed with a backup of our Australia migration consultants.

What Is Australian PR with Offshore Provisional Partner Visa (Subclass 309)?

Partner temporary (subclass 309) and permanent (subclass 100) visas are solutions that give official and de facto couples an opportunity to reunite in Australia and live together during 2 years proving the strength of their relationship. Australia-based partners are obliged to sponsor their foreign partners during these 2 years. If the relationship turns to be ongoing and solid after this period, a permanent partner visa (100) is granted to the foreigner.

Features and Benefits of Temporary/Permanent Partner Visa 309/100

  • AU-based partner must be either Australian/New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident.
  • The visa enables a foreigner to work and study in the country and travel internationally during the temporary visa’s validity (24 months).
  • AU-based partner must sponsor his/her foreign partner during the first 2 years.
  • Foreigner isn’t allowed to be in AU when applying.
  • Overseas partner can get access to Medicare (national health care system).

After the Australian Permanent Visa 100 is granted, you can get such privileges:

  • Your stay in the country is unlimited. However, you must renew your re-entry to Australia every 5 years in order to save your PR status while travelling internationally.
  • You can continue working and studying in AU.
  • Getting qualified for the AU citizenship is possible under certain conditions.
  • You can act as a sponsor to invite your eligible foreign family members to Australia.
  • Permanent residents in Australia can get some social payments.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Temporary (309) and Permanent Migrant (100) Partner Visas

  • Both partners must be older than 18.
  • AU-based partner must be either an Australian (New Zealand) citizen or a holder of any Australian permanent visa.
  • You have a commitment for each other and are willing to maintain your relationship not depending whether you are officially married or not.
  • Your relationship is continuous and genuine.
  • Partners are able to provide evidence (history) of their relationship.
  • You are either married legally or you have lived for at least 12 months together and you can provide evidence.
  • If one of the partners was once married, he/she is required to provide documentation about the divorce or the ex-spouse’s death.
  • Foreign partner must be of good temper and health.
  • Foreigner must hold a valid passport.

How to Apply for Permanent Residency Australia through Temporary (309) Offshore Partner Visas?

A foreigner applies for the temporary and permanent visas in the same time, but consideration of the permanent one will start in 2 years. The overseas partner is required to stay outside AU while the visa’s first temporary stage is being processed and when the temporary visa is granted.

All claims the foreigner make in his/her application must be substantiated with proper and relevant documents. Applicants providing more information are at an advantage. All documents are required to be compiled in English (use professional translation if needed) and according to the latest standards. Unless it is required, you don’t have to submit your original papers, but copies must be certified. Please fill in the Australian PR application form accurately. Do not mention facts you cannot prove.

You aren’t required to send your papers physically: you can apply for these temporary and permanent visas online from abroad. However, this can be challenging for some foreigners. If you aren’t sure you know how to apply for Australian permanent residency online through the temporary visa, you can always involve professional visa backup to avoid pitiful mistakes.

Correct application fortified with proper documents and meeting basic requirements for Australian permanent residency – which is easily achieved if you rely on a professional Australian migration agent – are keystones of a sure approval of your permanent move to Australia.

What to Do if Temporary/Permanent Visa Application Gets Rejected?

Refusal isn’t likely if you entrust visa experts with your case: they know the latest standards of the required papers and are able to develop argumentation for any kind of situation. The most common reason for rejection of the partner visa is the lack of such argumentation: the couple fails to prove their relationship and commitment. To avoid such pitiful refusal that prolongs the time of waiting and your separation, it is better to strategize applications for your Partner Provisional and Permanent Visas with a professional visa agent.

If you and your partner have faced such refusal, you still have a chance to be together because in some cases the government gives the couple a chance to appeal the decision. The rejection letter the government sent explains the reason for refusal and details about the appeal (if you are given this opportunity). If you are able to appeal, ensure you understand the problem that blocked approval and that you can fix it. If you appeal blindly without getting the issue fixed, you may face another rejection. Get a piece of expert advice from our experienced immigration agents Australia.

How to Get Australian Permanent Residency through Temporary Visa 309?

Although applications for both the temporary and the permanent visas are lodged in the same time, consideration of the permanent visa will be postponed until the 2-year term of the temporary visa expires. This way the government checks your intentions for seriousness and genuineness. To persuade the authorities and get the temporary visa 309, the couple must provide weighty proofs of their relationship and then maintain and develop this relationship during the 2-year term. If you aren’t sure how to collect and represent such arguments, please entrust a professional visa agency with your case. We will find a tailor-made solution that will help you to reunite in Australia on the permanent basis.

How to Renew Temporary/Permanent Offshore Partner Visa?

The temporary visa 309, which is the first step to your permanent residency in Australia, cannot be renewed, but it can be upgraded to a permanent visa 100 in 2 years. After you are granted the PR in Australia, you have to get your re-entry permit renewed every 5 years by obtaining a special “return” visa and renewing it once in 5 years. Such renewals aren’t automatic: you have to prove your presence in AU during 2 years (of those 5) or significant relations to the country (personal, employment, business and so on…). Renew permanent residency for Australia with minimum hassles using services of our one-stop visa agency.

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