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What Is Angola Ordinary Visa (VOR)?

Angola Ordinary Visa (VOR) is a 30-day entry permit granted to foreigners who visit Angola briefly for tourism, attending cultural events and various business and family purposes. At the same time, Ordinary Visa to Angola cannot be used for pursuing permanent residence and illegal employment in the country. Nevertheless, if the foreigner gets a job in a well-established Angolan firm and the employer applies for the work pass, the Ordinary Visa can be converted into the working one. The VOR obligates its holder to stay in Luanda (the capital) and prohibits travelling to other country’s provinces.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Angola Ordinary Visa

  • Foreigner’s passport must have at least 9-month validity.
  • Foreigner is required to provide his/her recent bank statement.
  • Employed foreigners need to have their Angolan employer send the Letter from Employer/Sponsor to the Embassy where the application will take place.
  • Self-employed individuals must provide their latest bank statement and a cover letter describing their business activity.
  • Unemployed individuals are required to submit letters that declare their unemployment.
  • Foreigner must provide a travel itinerary (purchased tickets aren’t required).
  • Residents of some countries might need to prove their address (residence).
  • Foreigner must be officially invited by an Angolan/non-Angolan citizen that takes responsibility for the foreigner’s stay, or the foreigner must have sufficient means for living the declared term in Angola (200 USD/day of stay).

Features and Benefits of Angola Ordinary Visa

  • Visa is granted for 30 days with a chance of renewal.
  • Angola Ordinary Visa holder is obliged to stay in Luanda only.
  • Visa allows only one entry.
  • Visa can be converted into the work visa if the latter is applied for by the eligible Angolan employer.
  • Ordinary Visa doesn’t allow a foreigner to get involved in any activity aimed at gaining profit (illegal business or employment).
  • Ordinary Visa procession takes 2 weeks.

Having a professional visa agency prepare your application minimises the odds of rejection significantly. One Visa offers you to benefit from our exceptional expertise and unrivalled approval rates (100%) for all kinds of Angolan visas. Having a well-tuned feedback with Angolan Embassy and intense paperwork skills, we are able to efficiently strategize the Ordinary Visa application and achieve approval in the shortest possible time.

The unsatisfactory quality of the provided documents is a common reason for the Angola Ordinary Visa rejection. If your application didn’t bear the Embassy’s scrutiny and faced the rejection, please bring your case to us. We will competently assess your situation and investigate into the problem to come up with an expedient Ordinary Visa solution. Having years of cooperating with the Angolan authorities behind our backs, we know every comma in the required papers and are capable of polishing your documentation and getting the desired Ordinary Visa approval.

The procedure of applying for the Angola Ordinary Visa is quite complex due to a long list of documents that must be prepared. It is crucial to get the paperwork done according to the Angola Embassy’s demands; otherwise, the authorities reject the poorly-completed/incomplete application. Here is an approximate list of papers you must provide:

  • Completed Angola Ordinary Visa application form with a recent photograph
  • Copy of the passport’s particulars page and copies of other pages that have stamps on them
  • Sponsor’s invitation letter (written by either an individual or a host company)
  • Letter of intent
  • Copy of airline ticket or the flight itinerary
  • Yellow fever certificate.

Every unique situation may require additional documents, so it is important to get your Angola Ordinary Visa eligibility assessed by visa professionals before moving on to submitting the application. Please take into account that if at least one of the required papers isn’t attached, this may result in immediate rejection.

All required papers must be compiled according to the standards and in perfect Portuguese. Enlist a professional translation service if your documents are in another language. If you aren’t sure that you are able to manage the paperwork and other application niceties, don’t risk your chance and entrust a visa professional with this task.

If you count on our comprehensive Angola Visa services, we will:

  1. Assess your case and, based on your personal circumstances, strategize your paperwork and get it done according to the Embassy’s standards.
  2. Help you in planning your itinerary (you shouldn’t buy an airplane ticket until your visa is decided).
  3. Lodge your Ordinary Visa application at the Angola’s Embassy in Singapore on your behalf.
  4. Track your application and update you on your visa status.
  5. Inform you when your visa is approved and help in collecting the visa.

The maximum procession time for the Ordinary Visa is 15 days. From our experience, after we polish the application and all other documents, our clients get their Ordinary Visas approved much faster. Benefit from our Express Angola Visa service to get your visa in 7 days!

After successful approval, Ordinary Visa gives a foreigner up to 60 days to perform the visit.

Embassy of Angola in Singapore is very demanding to the quality of the application form and other supportive papers. What is more, every particular situation (for example, if you travel with children) may require its own set of papers that need to be provided. To ensure you are on the right track, use our FREE Angola Visa assessment and get a competent guidance in every step of your Ordinary Visa application.

Managing the paperwork and dealing with a foreign embassy can be challenging, and, therefore, if you have any doubts you are aware of the Embassy’s latest standards, please contact One Visa experts for assistance. We will instruct you in collecting all necessary documents and assess them to make sure they meet requirements of the Angola’s Embassy. We will also help you to schedule your arrival and departure dates to avoid any mess-up.

After the initial (30-day) term of Angola Ordinary Visa expires, it can be renewed for another 30 days twice. This makes 90 days in total. Please reach out to our One Visa experts to find out your personal requirements for getting the Ordinary Visa extension.

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