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What Is Angola Brief Duration Visa (VCD)?

Angola Brief Duration Visa (VCD) is a 7-day entry permit developed for foreigners who need to make a brief urgent visit to Angola for attending cultural events and for various medical, business, and family purposes. This short-term visa also fits sailors and technicians invited for repair works in the oil and marine sectors. The same visa can also be used by foreigners who have already got approvals on their work visas for Angola: VCD lets them arrive in the country for collecting their work visas.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Angola Brief Duration Visa

  • If you need the Brief Duration Visa for some urgent purpose, the Embassy will assess whether your situation is really urgent.
  • Foreigner’s passport must have at least 6-month validity.
  • VCD applicants have to explain the purpose of their arrival and the duration of the prospective stay in the Letter of Intent.
  • If the foreigner is invited by a local Angolan company, the firm must send the Invitation Letter to the Embassy where the submission will take place. Some of such Letters must be endorsed by the Angolan authorities, so please find out your personal requirements from our VCD visa experts.
  • Invitation Letter must explain the reason for the foreigner’s arrival as well as describe the duration of stay and accommodation.
  • Self-employed individuals must provide their latest bank statement and a cover letter describing their business activity.
  • Unemployed individuals are required to submit letters that declare their unemployment.
  • Residents of some countries might need to prove their address (residence).
  • Foreigner must provide bank statements for the last 6 months proving the means for the trip (200 USG/day of stay) or an invitation letter from the Angolan resident/non-resident that takes responsibility for the foreigner’s stay in Angola.
  • Foreigner must prove he/she has the accommodation (hotel room etc.) for the period of stay, or the sponsor’s invitation letter must provide details about the accommodation.
  • Foreigner is required to buy or book flights both to Angola and back and provide the flight itinerary.

Features and Benefits of Brief Duration Visa in Angola

  • Angola Brief Duration Visa remains valid during 7 days after arrival in the country. After this period ends, the visa can be extended for another 7 days only once.
  • Angola Short Term Visa holders are banned from getting engaged in any lucrative activity.
  • This short-term visa doesn’t provide an opportunity of getting permanent residence in the country.
  • Angola’s government issues this visa for the period specified in the application (taking into consideration the airplane tickets and the itinerary).
  • Foreigner must use the visa during 3 days after its issuance.

Failing to compile documents according to the Embassy’s high standards and lodging a poorly completed application are basic reasons why the Brief Duration Visa gets rejected. Another possible reason is that the Embassy doesn’t find your purpose of arrival urgent or the information from the Letter of Intent contradicts with the information the sponsor provides in the Invitation Letter.

You can minimise your rejection risks significantly if you have a professional migration agency handle your Brief Duration Visa application. Thanks to our well-tuned communication with the Angolan authorities, strong paperwork and profile-building skills, we can help you to think over your VCD application and gain approval in the shortest time.

If you have already faced the rejection of your VCD application, please bring your case to us. We will assess your case thoroughly and investigate into the problem to develop a proper visa solution.

Foreigners can submit their VCD applications at the Angolan Embassies; however, if they are being invited by any Angolan sponsor/company, the Invitation Letter must be sent to the Embassy where the application will take place. To get the Brief Duration Visa for Angola, a foreigner must prepare and submit these papers:

  • Completed Angola Brief Duration Visa application form with a recent photograph
  • Copy of the passport’s particulars page and copies of other passport pages that have stamps on them
  • Sponsor’s Invitation Letter
  • Letter of Intent
  • Foreigner’s Certificate about being vaccinated against yellow fever
  • Flight itinerary

This is an approximate list of papers, and every unique situation may require some additional documents. Some of the papers (like the Letter of Intent) may be in English while most of the other documents must be compiled strictly in Portuguese. Official translation services must be enlisted. Please keep in mind that Angolan Embassies no longer accept application forms completed by hand. Some of the documents must be endorsed before being submitted in the Embassy.

If you have doubts that you can prepare a correctly completed and typed application form and manage the rest of the paperwork, it is better to involve a visa specialist. If you decide to count on our expert Angola Visa services, we will:

  1. Assess your case and get your paperwork done according to the latest Angola Embassy’s standards.
  2. Help you in planning and booking your flights.
  3. Lodge your Brief Duration Visa application at the Angola’s Embassy in Singapore on your behalf.
  4. Track your application and update you if any additional papers are needed.
  5. Inform you when your visa is approved and help in collecting the visa.

VCD visa is usually processed during 5 days, but polishing your papers by our expert visa team helps to minimise this time significantly to ensure you get in Angola in time.

If you are planning to apply for Brief Duration visa, make sure that you get a competent consultation on required documents. Angolan authorities are very demanding to the quality of the documents foreigners submit. There are a lot of rules and standards that must be met, and doing it can be quite challenging without taking a piece of expert advice.

To clarify all Angola Embassy requirements, please connect with One Visa experts for a competent assessment of your situation. Our team will advise you on necessary documents and diligently check them for acceptability.

The short-term visa for Angola is granted for 7 days after which it can be extended for another 7 days only once. If the foreigner overstays and transcends the visa’s time limit, a fine will be imposed (200 USD per day of overstaying). Please, reach out to our Angola Visa experts to find out which criteria you must fulfil for getting the Brief Duration Visa extension.

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