Investor: Invest 0 - 2.5 million SGD


If you are planning to invest for a visa in Singapore, the entrepass is the most suitable visa for you. This visa is for foreign investor to invest in a new start up business in Singapore. 

However, you need to have the track record in running a business and a viable business idea that is high growth and can benefit the Singapore economy.

Entrepass Eligibility Requirements

  • The company that you are investing in must be less than 6 months old; and
  • You are willing to invest a substantial amount of money in a local company and have a track record in one of the following:
  • Investing in and driving the growth of highly-scalable businesses.
  • Substantial experience (minimum 8 years) as a senior management professional or executive in a large corporation.
  • Passport Bio-data
  • Highest Education Certificate
  • Resume

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