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We have Successfully helped over 10,000 businesses, entrepreneurs, and executives in securing their Visas. With our understanding in the Singapore immigration system, our consultant can provide you with Qualified Advice and prepare strong value-add documentation to substantially increase your success rate.

Comprehensive Immigration Assistance

We are a full service immigration agency that will provide you with comprehensive visa support from start till the end. We will guide you every step of the way in the immigration process until the collection of your visa. We aim to help you acquire your visa with the least possible time.

Save Time & Money

Incomplete or incorrect understanding of the law can lead to costly delays and even rejection. With our professional help, you can be sure that the visa application is handled efficiently and promptly so that you can focus your quality time and effort on your business or family. Let us help you navigate the law in Singapore

Who Are We?

We are a license immigration agency (EA No.: 10C2994) that provides customised immigration solutions catered to your needs. We are proud to have successfully helped over 10,000 foreign firms, entrepreneurs and executives like you to move to Singapore. With our expertise and the most up-to-date immigration policies, our consultants can help you achieve your migration goals easily. Get our qualified immigration advice in Singapore and let us help you to navigate the immigration policies in Singapore.

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We've helped thousands of professionals like you to secure their visa approval. Let us help you navigate the law in Singapore! Contac Us for a Free Assessment Today!


Our Success Stories

One visa provides very efficient services; this company handled the visa issue with great professionalism and is very respectful of the deadlines. We thank them for their time and consideration and warmly recommend them for this kind of issue.

Caroline Masiha

Back-Office Manager, PPMS, France, www.ppms-paris.com


We outsource our visa processing to One Visa as it is very difficult to manage for us. One Visa is very professional and gives us good immigration advice pertaining to our company needs. One Visa is able to attain 100% approval on employment pass for all our employees and in the most efficient way. I would like to thank One Visa Team for their assistance.

Shinsuke Tabata

Cofounder and Director, Nulab


On Behalf of SEO Agency I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation with the delivered result that One Visa has provided to us. Working with Cheng has been a delight. Having a service like this allows me to put my time on focusing on growing our business.

Rhyce Lein

General Manager, SEO Agency www.seoagency.com.sg


frequently asked questions

We have over 10 years of experience helping countless foreign individuals like you every day which means that we are well versed in immigration system and we are able to provide you with the immigration strategy needs to get your visa approved. Additionally, our consultant will act on your behalf to deal with the immigration and prepare strong justification letter(s) needed to help you get approvals.

Our success rate is above 90% and we have helped over 10,000 clients in getting their visas approved. So you can trust our service quality and experience. 

Most service providers do not focus on immigration practice as their core and they usually provide less advisory service but more form-filling service. At One Visa, we adopt an immigration advisory approach where we focus on giving us specialised advice to ensure you get your visa approved.

We want to ensure high success for our clients as we believe that by ensuring our clients get the visa approval, we will keep our client happy.


We can assist you by contacting the case officer on your behalf to get the rejection reasons. With the rejection reasons, we will help you prepare and compile all the necessary documentations to justify your case. 

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