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A new life in another country means a fresh start with new opportunities for success and growth. That’s what you dream of when you think about relocating to Singapore. This abundant country in Asia holds your dreams for the future, just as soon as you have that Singapore visa in hand. 

However, this process of starting anew can easily become messy and overwhelming, especially when it comes to all of the details to get your visa, Singapore Employment Pass , or complete your Singapore PR application. 

As a career professional or business owner, there are already many things vying for your attention. As much as you would like to speed up the immigration process, you just don’t have the time to deal with it all.

Good news! You don’t have to take on all the stress and overwhelm yourself. Whether you need your Singapore Visa, employment pass Singapore, or help with your Singapore PR application, there’s a more efficient way to get the process completed. Let a trusted immigration agency lend a hand.

One Visa is a premier Singapore immigration agency that has helped thousands of business owners, company executives, and professionals. We will help you achieve approval of your Singapore visa or other immigration passes.

One Visa: Your Singapore Immigration Experts

One Visa is an immigration agency fully licensed by the Ministry of Manpower (EA No.: 10C2994) to provide customised immigration advice. We have already helped over 10,000 foreign firms, entrepreneurs and executives around the world to move to Singapore. As we have the most up-to-date immigration knowledge in Singapore, we are able to achieve over 90% success rate for all our clients. Get qualified immigration advice in Singapore and let us help you to navigate the immigration policies in Singapore. 

If you are a foreign working professional or business executive, we can help you obtain your employment pass for Singapore. EP allows you to stay and work in Singapore for up to 2 years. The minimum salary requirement to qualify for an employment pass is 4,500 SGD. We cater to your needs from application, screening, and approval or filing an appeal for rejection. Make your employment pass Singapore successful with our help.

Entrepass is given to all foreign entrepreneurs who want to start a business in Singapore. You must show proof of innovative technologies. Here at One Visa, we will provide pre-application information, advice, and a strategic plan on how you can obtain your Entrepass as smoothly as possible.

The personalized employment pass is best for the higher earning working professionals and is good for at least 6 months. You may be an existing employment pass holder that needs more flexibility on your passes. Whatever your need, our team will provide a customized solution for the fastest approval of your personalized employment pass Singapore.

If you are looking for the smoothest option for your Singapore PR application, you should opt for help from the leading immigration service. One Visa assists every client with our enhanced Singapore PR application process. You don’t have to dread rejection. With a 90% approval rate, we will help you reach your goal of permanent relocation to Singapore.

Singapore always has a door open for any foreign company who wishes to enjoy the abundant opportunities available here. As one of our valued customers, we can help streamline the process of company incorporation. We will also help you with proper licensing to establish your business.

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We have over 10 years of industry expertise and have helped over 10,000 businesses, entrepreneurs, and executive in their visa needs. One Visa has the complete understanding of the immigration system in Singapore and has the most up-to-date immigration knowledge to help you cope with your visa complications.


Unlike other agency that provides form filling or coordination services, we provide comprehensive visa solution from start till the end. We will guide you every steps of the way from ensure all the important details are correctly entered on the form to preparing justification letters as well as dealing with the immigration (when there's complication). Our goal is to achieve the highest success for your visa.


Incomplete or incorrect understanding of the law can lead to costly delays and even rejection. With our professional help, you can be sure that the visa application is handled efficiently and promptly so that you can focus your quality time and effort on your business or family. Let us help you navigate the law in Singapore

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