Key Changes in Employment Pass Policy that you should not miss in 2021

employment pass

Did You Know? There Are Two Main Changes For Employment Pass (EP) Holders. Job postings will now be extended to 28 days.   As announced in August of last year, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) have tightened the rules on advertising jobs to allow more Singaporeans to have priority access to local vacancies. This change […]

Singapore Introduces Tech.Pass to Attract Talented Technopreneurs

Tech Passfor Singapore

Overview The Economic Development Board recently announced the launch of a new kind of visa that aims at incentivizing technology entrepreneurs and technical experts that have experience in either “established” or “fast-growing” tech-related companies. Singapore is aiming to develop a tech business hub to allow local talent to rise and prosper. Why Has Singapore Introduced […]

The Best Citizenship by Investment Program 2020

Citizenship by investment

When choosing to invest in a country and thus acquiring either residency or citizenship, it’s crucial that you dig deep and that you are fully aware of the benefits and drawbacks as well as the requirements involved in the process. Too many investors and entrepreneurs tend to see a price tag attached to citizenship and […]

Four reasons why moving to Singapore will help your business grow faster?

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Did you know that Singapore has one of the world’s strongest economies? Aside from the top quality of life, it is also one of the best places to move to if you want to help your business grow. Read on for four reasons why business owners should make a move to Singapore. Economic fundamentals According […]

Five Reasons why top talents choose Singapore

Singapore Tech Pass

Singapore is a regional hub for business, technology and tourism, and for many entrepreneurs, investors and corporate professionals, Asia’s Lion City is a top destination. Here are four reasons why people choose Singapore. It’s the world’s second safest city.  In August this year, Singapore was named the world’s second safest city, according to The Economist Intelligence […]

3 Greatest Mistakes when applying for Employment Pass

A Singaporean Employment Pass (EP) is a visa that allows foreign, well-educated professionals to live and work in Singapore. Those who obtain it will be able to enjoy the many advantages it has to offer in addition to living in a vibrant, cosmopolitan city. These include the ability to bring family to Singapore, the EP […]

Top Benefits Of Becoming A Singaporean Permanent Resident

Singapore, or the Little Red Dot, as it is also known, is a regional powerhouse in Southeast Asia. Although tiny, its economy is one of the strongest, and foreign talent from all over the world embrace any opportunity to work and live in the city-state. The country’s economy grew by more than 3% in the […]

Australia job market overview

Australia is known as one of the planet’s top employment destinations. The country’s booming resource development sectors, high salaries, effective legislation, and attractive governmental nomination programs work as a magnet for talents from all over the world. However, finding a perfect job can take lots of time because of the high competition and geographic peculiarities […]

Angola Legalisation Service

The legalization is a procedure of verifying documents at the Angolan Embassy. All papers required for getting Angola visas to the country must undergo such legalization before being attached to the application and submitted. This is a mandatory requirement set by Angola authorities. Papers that must go through legalization are: Letter of Invitation (provided by the employer) […]