Ease Of Doing Business – Singapore vs. United States


Singapore vs USA

Singapore vs USA

1. Ease Of Business Environment – This measures the openness of regulatory environment for starting and operating a firm, business or new venture. Doing Business Report 2012 For 183 Global Economies Ranks: Singapore at #1 & U.S. at #4

2. Taxes – Measures the taxes that a medium-size company must pay or withhold in a calendar year, and the man hour burden in paying taxes. Singapore Ranks #4 & U.S. Ranks #72

3. Trading Across Borders – Measures the procedural restrictions for importing and exporting a standardized cargo of goods, counting documents related to every official procedure.Singapore Ranks #1 & U.S. Ranks #20

4. Dealing With Construction Permits: Ranking based on tracking procedures, time and costs to construct a warehouse. Singapore Ranks at #3 & U.S. Ranks at #17

5. Safety – According to Gallup 89 percent of Singaporeans feel safe walking at night, while only 75 percent Americans feel the same. This RankSingapore at #4 & U.S. at #30

6. Starting a Business – This topic examines the bureaucratic and legal obstacles a business owner must overcome to register and incorporate a new firm. Among 183 countries: Singapore ranks at #4 & U.S. at #13

7. Educated Employees – The Learning Curve Report by the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked overall educational performance of forty countries. Singapore Ranks at #5 & U.S. Ranks at #17

8. Migration Rate – CIA’s World Factbook reports a net migration rate of 3.62 for U.S and 16.82 for Singapore among a total of 221countries ranked in this category. Singapore Ranks at #6 & U.S. Ranks at #26

9. Economic Freedom – Heritage Foundation Index of Economic Freedom 2013 accorded U.S. a total score of 76.0 while Singapore got a score of 88.0. Thus ranking:  Singapore #2 & U.S. #10

10. Corruption – Among 179 countries the Freedom from Corruption’ scores for U.S. is 71 and 94 for Singapore under the Heritage Foundation Index of Economic Freedom 2013. Singapore Ranks at #2 & U.S. Ranks at #10

On A Final Note – Singapore guarantees a better business framework for both, small startups as well as large multinational companies in comparison to the U.S.





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